Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mermaid Forest: Mana

Once again, thank you to Starky.

Another show I'm really not familiar with. Apparently Mana is the spoiled companion of the show's main character.


  1. Thanks for the posting again Bambino.
    Mana appears barefoot in several episodes, this one is the sixth, but from the very beginning she is barefoot. In this episode she was wearing sneakers but it looks like the monster took them off.

  2. man i remember this anime. forgot the name of it till now

  3. I wish I knew more about this anime. She seems cute enough. Bare feet are a definite plus!

    1. she is a spoiled little brat however it fits since she was raised in a secluded and treated like that so they could eat her flesh after she became immortal. She is a good girl at heart

  4. I'm gonna have to look into this series now. Action, monsters, hot girls who have good barefoot scenes, this is what I look for. It sucks when you have to yawn through hours of slice-of-life animes looking for decent foot content.