Friday, March 8, 2013

All Grown Up: Lil

Lil is a tomboy, pure and simple. She's an excellent soccer player and is a master of video games. When she's not doing that she's usually playing pranks on her brother.



  1. Oh, YEAH!
    Lil bare feet! Man, I remember the bare feet in the sandbox. That was from the original movie that lead to the "All Grown Up" series. Up until then, she was wearing boots.
    The soccer ball juggling I remember as well, and the sleepovers are familiar! Oh, I am glad I picked her for my foot fetish commission "All Grown Up...and Under Foot"!

    1. Hey Backwalk, do you think you could change your display name to your more well-known name?

    2. I'd love to, but I log in with another login not related to my normal Backwalk name. At least you know who I am!

  2. Replies
    1. You Know the one with the soccer ball juggling.

  3. huh i thought with the massive amount of images with her she would have been saved for last