Saturday, July 5, 2014

TMNT 2003: Karai

Debuting in the show's second season, Karai eventually became one of the series' main non-turtle characters. A woman torn between honor and family, she appears both as an ally and enemy to the turtles, a dichotomy that plays a part in most of her appearances. Her allegiance varied throughout the series: first being an anti-hero (or anti-villain) during seasons 2-3,then villain in seasons 4 and 5 and finally became heroic near the end of season 5 and in later episodes. 

Some more of Karai can be found in these previous tributes to the character here:


  1. I didn't remember this scene. Great find! :)

  2. you know these images have already been posted

  3. :-) Yeah that sole scene of her is a classic. ^_^ It was so awesome to see her barefoot. Definitely of my favorite femme fatales. ^_^

    1. but since the post of her and this same pics have already been posted is this post needed?

    2. It's true...every once and awhile we get a duplicate post by mistake . I don't have the heart to delete them though. Usually what I do is I add in the links to previous posts involving the character at the bottom. That way the post serves as a remix revitalizing interest in the classic post while at the same time providing new opinions and trivia information on the character. It also gives visitors to the site an abundance of caps to choose from. I've been slacking off in doing that lately though and I didn't get a chance to update this one with those links. I'll try to be more diligent in the future.

      There's also a new cap in this bonus at the bottom as well from the episode "Enter the Dragons" which is a great find too.

    3. Also, these new caps are of a higher quality than the old ones, the previous pics were a bit blurry and in the wrong aspect ratio, so it's nice to have those sweet soles looking the best they can! Thanks Bambino

      BTW KSC, unrelated but I had an idea for a poll you could use sometime if you wanted. "Which female would you like to help de-boot herself the most?" and have ppl like Rogue, Jessie, etc on it. Just if you're ever stumped for ideas one month :P

    4. :-) A de-booting poll is a great suggestion CCThis. I'll add it to the list of possible polls.

  4. Beautiful find! I loved Kurai's character! All the while, I kept thinking to myself "She and Leo just need to make out already"