Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rogue Redux

I know people have uploaded some Rogue pics before and these are probably seen before and these no offense to some of those are Better quality and you can see her toe ring that much clearer I thought I'd upload them to share with you all =) so sorry if you've seen most of these before

So there you are and sorry atomic chinchilla I didn't meant to post so soon after you did but I won't be around to upload so I thought I'd go ahead


  1. Nice!! The crisper Rogue's feet are the better. This was one of my favorite scenes in X-men evolution thanks to her awesome choice of accessories. ^_^ Great post Destiny Dueler.

  2. Rogue is always welcome to come here for her free foot massage

  3. Sorry for not commenting sooner. I completely forgot about this scene.