Saturday, June 13, 2015

Freaks' Squeele Megapost

Freaks' Squeele is a French comic about a trio of aspiring heroes: Xiong Mao, a martial artist who makes up for her lack of super powers with relentless determination, Chance, a spunky demon girl, and Ombre de Loup, a softhearted wolf-man.  Attending the Faculty of Academic Education for Heroes, the trio find themselves thrown into a wild maelstrom of superhero exams, the shady dealings of the F.A.E.H.'s dean, a violent rivalry with another hero school, and the occasional gingerbread soldier uprising or giant Lego man destroying the town.

 Xiong Mao

 The series has tons of pop culture references and cameos, including famous director and infamous foot fetishist Quentin Tarantino as the heroes' landlord.

It's a really fun comic I recommend to anyone interested in a bizarre yet well thought out take on fantasy and super heroes that doesn't take itself too seriously.


  1. Excellent post! I never heard of this series but I'm going to check it out now.

    By the way I was going to make my new Hestia post but out of respect I'll wait a little bit so your post can stay on the first page.

  2. I remember reading that a while back and LOVE that the artist draws a lot of foot shots for people like us to take a gander at, even the joke she included with Tantino was hilarious acknowledgement of that. :p

    And, not that I see it's picked up again, I'll have to check out the next volume and see where it's gone since the twin brothers arc.