Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teen Titans Go!: Leg Day (Starfire and Raven)

This episode certainly had a lot of close ups and leg crazyness! As expected since Lady Legasus makes her triumphant return! Also some awesome sailor moon references and great leg action! And as always I love trying to be as fast with new episodes of cartoons and the such as I can. Sorry about the brief delay here!

The animation is Teen Titans Go, so let's not get our expectaitons too high, shall we?

This was a fun post to make. I'd also like to say in the episode "Freeze Day" in Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Star Butterfly is actually in a swimsuit but there just wasn't enough content or focus for me to make full post. That said, if you'd like me too I will! I'd personally like to wait for some more content, though. Up to you guys!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. This would have been so awesome to see in the real show's art style.

  2. why did she never show off her soles in the good series?

  3. make a Gif of when she shows off both of her soles