Sunday, February 28, 2016

Update Plans Revealed... Anime Feet 3.0??

Hey Everyone...It's been awhile. Once again I'm sorry for not posting much lately. It's been a really challenging start to the year. Between everything going on with my work and family, I haven't really gotten much time to blog these days. Lucky for us we've had some amazing bloggers posting for us while I was away. I know that there was some tension in recent weeks but regardless of that I really want to thank all the people who have been keeping the blog going (Action, Atomic Chinchilla, Bambino,  Destiny Dueler,  Flynn Mars, Heretichero, Juancho, Match, Melroser, Mrbatemanwearingawig, and Richfeet just to shout out a few). Also some huge acknowledgments to contributors for continuing sending in material by mail (His Divine Shadow, DaVonte Wagner, and JTurner among many others).

I know it might seem like I've abandoned this blog lately. In actuality it's far from it. Even when I'm unable to post, I'm always organizing material, working behind the scenes on the website and planning out the next tribute to show you guys. Right now the big project I'm working on is the 3.0 update for Anime Feet. It's an expansion of the website that will take us into new territory. I've taken feedback from both readers and posters on the blog and there are some features and segments that I've really wanted to incorporate into the site for awhile now. It will take some work to get them up but if the new site is anything like what I visualize mentally, it should be really good.

Just as a little bit of a is a preview of some of the new and returning segments I'm hoping to delve into this year in addition to the Anime, Cartoon and Video game Foot tributes that are the staple of this website, 

Let's start with the familiar ones.

Classic Segments Spotlights - New stories and interactive chapters to show you guys.

Poll of the Month - It's tricky to come up with new poll ideas after 61 of these. I'm trying to think up  fun ones for you guys. It will be back soon .

Top Ten List - I've only gotten to do a couple of these in the past but they've been a lot of fun. I'm hoping to do more.

Real Life Anime Feet - This was a great column Heretichero started tying anime feet to real life. Through it he explored female cosplayers and voice actresses. It was a cool idea and I'd love to do some guest articles for this. Hopefully Heretichero will be back to host this one too.

Kusai Ashi -  This one resurfacing is contingent on its originator Melroser but I'm hoping to see it return. It was a really interesting take on how a female character's footwear and occupations could affect her feet.

Hit List - The remaining tributes of 2012's new years resolution list are long overdue.

Also here are some previews for some of the new features...

New Segments
Behind the Scenes - Get a little bit of an inside look into making the blog. Meet some of the female characters and bloggers on the site as well as other similar sites.

Tools of the Trade - I wanted to show you guy some tips and techniques I've picked up working on this blog.

Spin-off website(s)? - (2 ideas that will tie in closely with this website.)

Project Cinder - If you don't know what that is... there's a clue at the bottom of the sidebar. 

Web Comic - This is another side project that I've been working on with a partner. It's going to be a short series of comic strips involving a female OC. 

There are some other segments and features that I plan to add to the site as well but I want them to be a surprise. ^_^ 

As you guys can see, there really is a lot that I want to update the site with. The downside is that it's going to take a tremendous amount of time and energy to implement it all (both things which I don't have much of at the moment). I'm still going to try though. As part of that effort I'm going to push myself to do at least one new post a week. They might be a little on the light end until my schedule clears. Many of them will probably deal with comic book women since they relate to two other projects I'm doing and it's easier to kill two birds with one stone. I'll still try to post some anime and video game girls as well and there's also a massive backlog of excellent material readers of the blog have sent so hopefully you'll see some things you like in the near future.  If I'm able to make it to the summer, I'll have some really awesome stuff for you but let's take it one step at a time. The first new post should be up by the time you read this though.

Until next time everybody,


  1. Hey, there. Your assortment of female characters are interesting, but you should go for the other ecchi anime that features feet prominently in most scenes. Examples include:

    Girls Bravo, HighSchool DxD, Ichigo 100%, or even more of the SAO girls (aside from just Asuna or Suguha) and Ikki Tousen girls. Only a suggestion! Keep it up!

    1. :-) Good recommendations. Will try to look into them.

  2. Good luck, man! I have some ideas that I believe need some spotlight, if you're willing to listen.

    1. Thanks. Sure any recommendations are welcome. ^_^

    2. Well, first, Bonnie from Pokemon XY has had several more barefoot scenes since the last post about her. And of course, Fem!Corrin and Azura from Fire Emblem Fates need some spotlight.

    3. :-) All good suggestions. For Bonnie... do you know the names or episode numbers of the show she's been barefoot in? It might make it easier to track the scenes down. I googled the other two girls and they both seem great. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your help.

    4. I was planning on doing Bonnie again in the future.

      PS Triton, I accidentally removed myself from the blog. Sent me another invite please.

    5. They're in XY episodes 80, 100 (XYZ 8), 105 (XYZ 13), and the 18th movie. Good luck with them all!

    6. @Bambino Alright... I'll leave that one to you then. Ok... sending you an invite now.

      @Bubblesishot46853 Thanks very much. Those will definitely help us out a lot.

    7. Great. Can't wait to see the posts.

  3. Great ideas! I can't wait to see them in action! And I can't wait to return to regularly contributing here, too. Soon™

    1. Thanks Mrbatemanwearingawig. :-D That's awesome...I'm looking forward to that. ^_^

  4. Well, you are always welcome to use screenshots from my blog if you want.

    Best of lucks!!

    1. Thanks Edward. Likewise. :-) You really have a great blog.