Monday, February 29, 2016

Zetsuen No Tempest: Hakaze Kusiribe

Ok this one's a good one guys. A ton of caps sent in by thebrickmaster96 for the anime series Blast of the Tempest.
(According to a tip left in the comments below by Landen. These are from Episode 3. Thanks very much again for capping these Brickmaster)

I was reading the synopsis for this anime online. It seems really cool. ^_^ Apparently it is influenced by Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Tempest. The story involves the main character Mahiro Fuwa investigating the murder of his sister,

Hakaze Kusiribe, (the character featured in this tribute) is a magician who was betrayed and trapped on a deserted island by her followers. She contacts Mahiro offering to reveal information about who was behind his sister's murder in exchange for his help. Shakespeare fans will recognize Hakaze's connection to Prospero a magician character in the Tempest play.  

Hakaze seems like a great character. I didn't read too deep into her character description or plot because I wanted to avoid spoilers. (This Anime seems like one for my watch list). What I did get from her article is that she's a very determined and direct character. She's not afraid to speak her mind and can be really frank when she talks. At the same time there is a vulnerable side to her too. She's innocent about love and it takes awhile for her to recognize her feelings. Her plot winds up tying in deeply with the romance in the anime.

I like Hakuze's appearance a lot. She looks really cute. The animation in the series looks really great. Being on an island it makes sense that she would be barefoot. She definitely wouldn't have to worry about getting sand in her shoes. Her feet are nicely detailed and beautifully drawn.

Ok everyone...That's all for now but more to come soon.