Thursday, January 26, 2017

Manyu Hiken-cho- Kaede 1

Kaede is one of the main characters of the anime series Manyu Hiken-cho .She is Chifusa Manyu 's attendent and childhood friend and is extremely loyal to the young swordswoman, to the point that she deserted the Manyu clan to accompany Chifusa in her journey. She is always full of energy and frequently lose herself in contemplating Chifusa beauty, maybe hiding deeper feelings for her childhood friend. She used to have a very nice bust size but she was "robbed" of her curves by Kagefusa as a punishment for helping Chifusa. Kaede doesn't regret her choices but is seen looking in jealousy at Chifusa bosom, wishing that her friend will master the Breast Flow soon to regain her original curves.


  1. I really love this anime and lovely feet close-up and scenes

  2. She kinda favors that dog girl from future diary