Friday, June 23, 2017

Metropolis: Tima

She was created by Dr. Laughton, a scientist who was about to arrested for Human Rights Violations such a using eternal organs for machines as requested by Duke Red and have her modeled and named after his deceased daughter, to be used for the Zeggurat, a machine used to control the entire world. But Rock, Red's adoptive son, right hand man and head of the Murduks, a party who keeps robots in line, despises robots and plans to destroy her so she wouldn't steal Red's heart.


  1. she was a cutie. Good work GumballW

    again stop replying to them. i will delete their messages as soon as i can

    1. Thanks but I'm a little concerned about him potentially reporting me

    2. for what? KSC wanted me to grab all of his pics before he deleted them the first time so we could repost them later. You are doing exactly what KSC wanted

    3. He said he was going to report to blogger itself

    4. Ive reported him to blogger for weeks, they wont do anything