Friday, March 14, 2008

Chun Li Ultimate Bonus

Well it's been a busy week for me and writing has been slow. I only managed to release a few chapters and even those I had to struggle to write. Anyway, to make up for are the final set of Chun Li Movie caps.

(The caps show Chun Li finish off Vega with style in the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie)
As promished I saved the best set of caps for last. Not only does Chun Li show off her attractive bare soles, you get to watch her make Vega smell her feet. ^_^
Okay, so you guys are probably wondering what new chapters I released this week. wasn't easy but here they are...
I wrote a couple of Supergirl chapter's for my Comic Book Women Interactive
I was trying to update this interactive every day but just wasn't able to do that this week. Fortunately JayJay and Torborg kept it going with an awesome set of She-Hulk and Supergirl chapters.
Since it's been a while since I added to the Naruto/Avatar and Feet interactive, I added a couple of Mental Duel additions here: (There might be some more later this weekend)
As you probably guess they star Azula.
I also did a couple of Kairi chapters for the Kingdom Hearts Interactive
(Actually I wrote these chapters last week but I forgot to tell you guys about them but it worked out well since I didn't have much written this week anyway)
I hope to keep adding here sporadically...until the story reaches 20 chapters. I think this story has a lot of potential.
I also collaborated with SFD on writing a story for the Sailor Moon Villainess Bertie
On this rare occasion, I took it easy on this villainess because she's a fellow chess lover (and pretty cute) and pushed for her avoiding the usual bounty hunter prison outcome. It was SFD who wrote the ending though and it came out great.
Speaking of SFD, before he decided to take a break from writing to work on his blog. Check that out to see what he's been doing lately. He released some great stories starring Sailor Venus, Karin and Yuffie. Check them out here
and here:
Okay that's all for this week. Sadly, next week looks like it will be pretty busy too but I'll see what I can add.


  1. You forgot my cool Tifa story. Anyway,My Hiatus is almost over and I'll post some more Min-Stoties soon.

  2. Oh,Yeah. I love those Chun-Li pics,her soles are gorgeous.

  3. You got that right, Stefan.

  4. And yes, this is freakin' A! I sure wouldn't mind switching places with Vega but Chun Li would probably look at me weirdly if I said that. I digress. Truly one of the best scenes in animated history. Never stop being cool, KSC.

    Daniel Wickie

  5. Yeah it was great seeing both of Chun Li's soles come towards us at once and I wouldn't mind switching places with Vega...weird looks from Chun Li and all. Thanks for the comments guys.