Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy: Quorra

Hi everyone, sorry for once again going radio silent. Finals have been hitting me hard. I'm still not done with them but I decided to take a short break from studying to say hello and relieve some stress. I probably won't get to post the GTS caps until the middle of next week but here's some attractive feet to look at in the meantime. Timing well with Tron Legacy's theatrical release is a tribute to the hot cyber girl Quorra and her actress Olivia Wilde.

(Various webfinds from across the net. A lot of them are from the mousepad. ^_^)

I haven't gotten to see this film yet but I've been really looking forward to this one hitting theaters for a long time. :-D It definitely helps that one of the really hot features of the film's trailer is the cute cyber beauty depicted above. The film itself looks like it would be really intense as well with some great special effects and a lot of action. :-D

Olivia Wilde (who looks really hot in her Tron costume btw) seems to be appearing in a lot of places these days. I recently saw her in The Next Three Days. A lot of the barefoot pictures of her are from a charity event called "One Day Without Shoes" where the participants had to spend an entire day barefoot to show the things we take for granted and the difference a single pair of shoes could make in a person's life.

Ok guys that all for now. Have a really great weekend and more to come soon.


  1. Wow, she really looks completely different (and, in my opinion, even hotter) in costume!

    Weird as it may sound, I definitely wish women dressed like this in real life. Normal clothing has become so mundane.

  2. so want to see her in that suit and out of those boots, like this

  3. That is one hot star. I wish that they designed the Tron women like Cortana from Halo- barefoot, instead of such impractical high heels. Oh well... ^_^

  4. Heh, she really reminds me of Cortana from the Halo series

  5. Yeah I love her in the costume too Chilled_bones

    O_O Wow hot picture Match. :-D They should really have her take off her boots in the movie

    Would be really cool to implement barefoot customization on this A.I. girl Sole Keeper.

    O_O That's true Breakthewalls...they do look rather similar. :-D

  6. Finals are finally done...I'm really Psyched about it. ^_^

  7. Here's a holiday treat from over at Deviantart featuring Kim Possible, as she gives Ron a very special gift with some special writing on it.

  8. Wow that was a really sweet picture was really P. ^_^ Thanks very much for it and Happy Holidays. :-D

  9. Ok Breakthewalls...Late in the month but here goes... :-D

    Mizore 1 to 1 (The first Ice girl that comes to mind for this category...I guess it makes sense she is doing well)

    Shiva 3 to 1 (Hard to believe an ice girl could be this hot. Final Fantasy girls definitely are popular but she has quite a bit of ground to make up to catch Mizore.)

    Haylin 5 to 1 (W.I.T.C.H. girls are hot!!)

    Yukina 8 to 1 (Yu Yu Hakusho is fairly well known and despite her cold powers, she's a really sweet girl)

    Birdie 10 to 1 (Ah my beloved Chess player...Sailor Moon is fairly popular but a comeback from this position might prove difficult.)

    Frost 12 to 1 (She has the villainess factor behind her so that's a plus)

    Yukhime 17 to 1 (Nice choice of footwear but she is very rare. It's going to be tough for her to win.)

    Letty Whiterock 20 to 1 (I'm impressed that people know about she has a pretty good amount of votes considering her rarity)

    Alcyone 25 to 1 (Despite being an ice sorceress...she's another rare candidate. Winning this poll might be an uphill climb and considering her's bound to be slippery. ^_^;)

  10. Nice odds KSC :D

    Alright, here I go

    Mizore: 1-1 (At this point, it's rather obvious that she won. The only question now is how many votes is she going to get)

    Shiva: 3-1 (She's an FF character....nuff said!)

    Hay Lin: 4-1 (I'm surprised she's doing so well, I guess W.I.T.C.H. is more popular than I thought)

    Yukina: 7-1 (She's from a well known and popular anime (and a damn good one in my opinion). She was my original pick to win this)

    Birdie: 10-1 (It seems that Sailor Moon isn't as popular as I originally thought.)

    Frost: 13-1 (She has a long way to climb, despite being a liked character in a popular series)

    Letty Whiterock: 17-1 (She's doing okay considering how rare she is but it's still an uphill battle for her.)

    Killer Frost: 20-1 (Despite being a DC character, she's still struggling)

    Yukime: 20-1 (I like her choice of footware but she has a long way to go if she even wants a chance of wining this)

    Alcyone: 25-1 (As hot as she is, Alcyone is a rare gal and her series is also rare. She needs noting short than a modern day miracle to win this.)

  11. I'm actually hoping that Hay Lin wins, and to prove my support here's a music video with a song that fits her quite well:

  12. Quorra's costume rocks. Unfortunately due to her digital nature she won't ever feel the urge to de-boot :-/
    But lucky us, we have artists for that!
    Thanks for the post.

  13. Great AMV P. Hay Lin is definitely really cool. :-D

    Thanks Batmad. Yeah it's a shame she doesn't take them off because it would be really fun to see. ^_^

    I know that it's a little late for this but I just want to wish everyone Happy Holiday. Hope you all are someplace enjoying yourselves. ^_^

  14. another from Katadude

  15. about Cold Shower Material. Awesome picture of her...thanks for it Match. ^_^

  16. I have a suggestion, how about the mom in ponyo and spirited away

  17. BlackViper1201 - I agree with you on ponyo and spirited away, ponyo had 1 particular foot scene that was really wierd though. There's also Whisper of the heart - close to the start of the film and if I can recall correctly there was a brief moment in porco rosso towards the end.

  18. Hey every1 Happy New Year!!! Hows it going KSC - I've noticed you've been struggling a lot lately - hope you manage to get over your problems - I've been working like crazy during the holidays getting as much done as possible, be sure to check out my latest stuff on my DA page in case you forgot:-
    Oh and I'LL be sure to send you stuff if you ever need any help - just let me know ;) till next time

  19. Miyazaki's animation definitely rocks Blackviper. I'll try to cap both. Thanks for the recommendation. I saw Ponyo pretty recently...the mom is really hot :-D

    Thanks Martin...Happy New Year to You as well. Wow...It looks like you have a lot of cool have a new story too. O_O Dark Magician Girl is really hot. Hot caps as well. Definitely will continue to back up your work like you asked. ^_^ Best wishes in the coming year. :-)

  20. I got another one, roxanne, kiki, and trixie from utimate muscle episodes 44 through 50

  21. O_O Sounds like a really hot scene...I'll try to find it...thanks very much for the tip Black Viper.

  22. BlackViper1201 & KSC
    Here's an awesome pic I found of lisa from Ponyo - enjoy :D

  23. picture...thanks for it Martin. ^_^