Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poll Results 30

Alright...the 30th poll of the month has come to an end. After a decisive 1897 are the results...

Well it looks like DBZ's girl genius Bulma has a wish granting dragon on her side. Not only did she manage to win this month's poll, she totally dominated her competition proving that her feet are the ones that fans most want to study with almost 800 votes (796 to be exact). O_O About 635 votes behind her, Sailor Mercury claimed second and Haruhi's Yuki Nagato claimed third. I wouldn't feel too bad for the rest of these women. Each of them managed to find their far share of foot fans to "study" with and even the Ultra rare Shion Uzuki managed to claim 46 votes for herself. always I just want to thank everyone for voting and I'll try to keep your opinions in mind for the future. I think that it goes without saying that Bulma is guaranteed a tribute soon. :-D (I aiming for two sets to her). I'll also add Mercury and the Haruhi anime to my watch list as well.

Just want to apologize for running a little behind guys. Every time I think I'm close to getting some spare time...something comes up. ^_^; I know that I still need to post the GTS tribute (which I'm in the process of working on now). I'll try to post that next with Bulma right after that. I'll also try to post a new poll later tonight. Definitely a lot of catching I need to do. Needless to say I'm looking forward to the Christmas breaks. ^_^ I'll try to post more frequently throughout December though.

Anyway, have a great day everyone!!


  1. My personal favorite? That would have to be Susan Storm who actually did pretty well this poll. Glad she has her share of fans. :-D

    Anyway Great Voting Everyone. ^_^

  2. If I were a gambling man my money would be on the fact Bulma has more barefoot scenes than any other listed character, or at least I think so. Voted for Velma.

  3. I voted for Velma also. I mean think about it; her feet are cooped up in those orange socks day by day, she's often alone or with Shaggy and Scooby (who ditches her, leaving you and her to suggestive foot fun). Pretty good scenarios, ya know?

    BUUT Bulma's good too. Find them pics KSC and a story is coming on sooner than you think.

  4. Sounds great Money $ign, can't wait to help myself to such foot filled opportunities. So much fun so little time...

  5. sad to see Velma got so little attention, so wanted to see a set dedicated to her

  6. Voted for Yuki since she's also a type of android.

  7. Heh, should have seen this coming. I really messed up on this poll, I think the only thing I accurately predicted was that Bulma was going to win....which was rather...obvious.

    Anyways, I voted for Babs.

  8. Actually Cloud, Yuki is an alien, not an android

  9. Wow...a lot of Velma fans...I have to keep that in mind guys. She is really hot. ^_^

    O_O Looking forward to your story Money $ign.

    Yuki and Barbara are definitely really hot as well. ^_^

  10. Wow, did someone cheat to pull Ariel from out of being dead last?

    Like FITC I voted Yuki. She can't really be categorised but as a data manipulator, android is about as fitting as alien. Makes you wonder what she could do with that ability.

    Good to see a poll without a crazy-popular show to make it a foregone conclusion. Early indication is that Mizore will run away with the December poll - perhaps people like stripes.

    I'd have thought Shiva would make the top 3, though she's currently sitting 4th. She does have far more than double the votes of 5th though so perhaps this will end up a two-tier poll.

    Surprised at the omission of some of the more obvious ice girls - one video game example would be Celsius, Shiva's fellow summon from the Tales series who I coincidentally made a tickle pic for not too long ago.

  11. Oops well she has the personality of one lol

  12. Did people vote multiple times, or do over 1, 000 people visit Anime Feet? Wow!

  13. mmm i have always wanted to warm up Killer Frost's or Mizore's feet

  14. I voted for Sailor Mercury in that last poll,but I'm very happy for Bulma.

    As for this poll,I guess I',ll go with the Sailor Moon villaness.

  15. Looks like your hunch is accurate Veroom. Currently Shiva is holding second. Look like the top 4 contenders this month are Mizore, Yukina, Shiva and Hay Lin. ^_^

    O_O Didn't think of Celcius. Hot picture of her. ^_^

    Probably both Torborg. :-)

    That does sound really fun Match. ^_^ Both of those girls are really attractive. :-)

    O_O Nice choices Stefan. Chess Players are awesome. ^_^