Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kim Possible Mega-Post Finale

Ok closing out the series of Kim Possible tributes is a tribute to the heroine of the series Kim Possible herself. Enjoy guys. :-D

Massively Lucky Rufus getting to ride in Kim's Shoe like that.

Ron Stoppable is so lucky...if I had Kim Possible as a girlfriend, I would give her all the foot rubs she would ever want. :-D

Lilo and Stitch crossover? Man Disney is awesome.

(I really had a massive amount of help for this one. Tremendous thank yous to the Master of Sole Shots Match25, Sandmaster, GTS Master Mr. E and the Kim Possible Expert Jturner for sending in and helping me get all these caps from various episodes of the series. All of you guys rock!!)

Some more of Kim Possible's Feet can be found here. :-)

Sadly I have to keep things short tonight guys but there really isn't that much to say. ^_^; Kim Possible is massive awesome. I really admire her can do spirit and her feet are great. :-D Gotta love a redhead. :-D This post was actually 3 years in the making with tips involving some of these scenes dating back to 2008. Massive thanks to everyone for involved in it for being so patient. ^_^

Ok I'm going to be on vacation in Florida for the next couple weeks and I don't know if I'll be able to find an internet connection so this may be my last post for awhile. (I did ask a couple of people if they could fill in for me while I am gone but they might be busy so I can't guarantee that). If I get the chance to post from Florida...I definitely will too.

Have a great couple of weeks everyone and best wishes!!


  1. do gotta love how she is always barefoot in her jammies

  2. Like you said KSC, gotta love a Red Head :D

    Would love to be scissored and then dominated by her feet for being a perv :D

  3. You missed a few caps from So the Drama movie. Close ups of her soles.

  4. Awesome Post! Shego may be the overall hotter babe, but Kim's feet are more detailed, bigger and prettier. Indeed, that Ron is a lucky guy- I'm sure he gives KP foot massages all the time. ^___^

  5. Greetings everyone - I've been pretty dead recently but now I am back XD, like a phoenix i have been reborn from the ashes so to speak lol, I see I have missed out on a lot of good posts recently KSC, no matter, I shall be taking time off 2 comment on them as well as uploading new stories 2 my DA account. Hope everyones doing alright at their own business ;)

    I must say I'm delighted 2 see a mega post 4 Kim Possible KSC, in all the episodes I ever got 2 watch I was unfortunate 2 never come across these caps - like i struck gold here XD anyways you'll hear more from me now on ;) that i promise

  6. Hey KSC, ano it might be awkward 2 work on (as its main girl star is a girl) but have u ever thought about doing lilo and stitch? theres an episode where lilo is a teenager, theres lots 2 work with nani and the odd person in the background lol - just an idea ;)

  7. Back from Vacation and a lot to catch up on. ^_^ Thanks for the comments guys. ^_^

    :-D Yeah she does look really hot in that attire Match. ^_^

    :-D Red Heads definitely rule BTW. ^_^ Heh heh getting scissored by her would be a lot of fun. :-D

    O_O Thanks for letting me know Blurr001 I'll try to find that movie. ^_^

    Thanks Stefan. ^_^

    Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^ It a very tough call over who I like better Kim or Shego. Both of them have their own advantages. I totally agree with you about the detail of Kim's feet. ^_^ Yeah Ron is definitely really lucky. ^_^

  8. O_O It is good to hear from you Martin. ^_^

    O_O Let me know when you post those stories. I definitely want to read them. I'll definitely keep checking your DA site for updates too. :-D

    Also really glad that you like this post. O_O Yeah I definitely need to do a tribute to are Lilo and Stitch series. There is some really good caps of Nani that Match took that I still need to post. O_O Didn't know that there was a teenage Lilo episode. I'll try to find it. Thank you so much for it.

  9. What episode is that with Kim's mirror?

  10. Mirror? Is it the ones where she's in bed holding a communicator with a metal hand. In which's the Kim Possible episode October 31st.

  11. The one where Kim is holding a compact mirror to redirect incoming laser fire is from the first season episode "Tick-Tick-Tick". It's also the same episode from which you see Kim back flips behind the counter with Shego after her in the first three season's intro.

  12. You know, I've had a crush on Christy Carlson Romano ever since I first saw her on Even stevens. I always thought she was really hot and sexy. Also, I would really enjoy tickling both Kim's feet and that cute little belly button drawn on her just to hear her giggle, laugh and squeal.

  13. Christy Carlson Romano is definitely really hot. :-) Kim does look like she would be fun to tickle. ^_^