Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shego Part 3 guys voted for got it plus a little bit extra. Not only do you get the cute redheaded crimefighter herself, you'll get the other Kim Possible woman too

One of the awesome things about Shego is she loves sunbathing during her time off. ^_^

I posted this scene in an earlier bonus but I think this version of the scene might be a little bit clearer.

Seriously...Don't piss this villainess off.

(Massive thank you to Jturner for all of these awesome caps involving Shego from various episodes of the Kim Possible series.)

This would make it Shego's third attempt in trying to take over this blog establishing a devoted fanbase of foot slaves in her plans to take over the world. For those of you that missed her previous can view them here.

I think that we've all imagined ourselves worshiping a villainess' feet at one time or another. It's really easy to fantasize about Shego in that way too. She's the perfect badgirl hot, intelligent with a cool personality. It would be fun to be dominated by her.

Ok guys that's all for now...more Kim Possible action to come soon. ^_^


  1. Awesome. Shego Definatly needs her own series. It would be an Awesomer Awesome rival to Avatar:Legend of Korra.

    Visit The Cartoon Historian Blog for something special.

  2. :-D A Shego series would be really cool. I'm really looking forward to watching Legend of Korra and Thundercats. ^_^

  3. Indeed! I'd love to be a servant to Shego's cute, greenish feet all day. Man, she's awesome! ^__^ Great stuff!

  4. She's more than just Awesome,my friend :) She's Kick-Ass!

  5. Thanks Sole Keeper. :-D That does sound really hot. ^_^

    Yeah she's definitely really great Stefan. :-)

  6. Nothing says hot than a green skin chick showing her barefeet, and Shego ranks the top.

  7. Thanks Shadowmandude. ^_^ Yeah green skinned girls are awesome. :-)

  8. so wish she went barefoot more often

  9. Ah, lovely Shego! She really needed to go barefoot more, indeed (ansd some closeup too ;)! One of my favorite villaness, she really need a series of her own, like Stefans uggested. All this KP-relted posts are very tempting, maybe soon i'll try some pic in this style. Thank you so much for the post! :)

  10. Thanks guys. ^_^ Yeah Shego really need more barefoot scenes. ^_^ Barefoot villainesses are awesome. :-)

    O_O Hot Bountydog. :-)