Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poll 42: Results/Poll 43

Well...the 42nd has come to an end. After 1349 are the results. ^_^

O_O It looks like Daphne solved the mystery of which classic female character's feet you guys like most. With over 747 votes, this cute detective revealed that her feet are ones that most people fantasize about. In second place was the sexy reporter April O'neil and the beautiful Thundercat hottie Cheetara took 3rd place. The rest of these classic hotties weren't able to touch Daphne but they all proved that they aren't forgotten characters and none of them got less than 23 votes.

As always...I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting. ^_^ I'll definitely keep your opinions in mind for the future. ^_^ I'll try to post a tribute to Daphne soon as well as a couple of other popular girls from the poll.

:-D Breaking tradition a little. ^_^ A brand new poll of the month should already be up by the time that you read this. ^_^ This one will let me know which Animes from my watchlist and backlog you guys want me to focus on and asks you guys which anime series women's feet do you want to see? A lot of these choices are from Harem animes so you have a really nice selection of sexy girls at your disposal. Which set interests you the most? As always, voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd also love to know what your opinions are. I also want to give special thank yous to Breakthewalls and Venom for helping select animes for this poll. ^_^

Ok everyone have fun and as always...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. which one of these ladies was my personal favorite of those classics. ^_^ It was Scarlett. That redheaded Soldier rocks!! guys picked a nice choice. ^_^ Daphne is an extremely attractive classic character. ^_^ From what I've seen she has some very good foot scenes too. ^_^

    Great Voting Everyone

  2. The Only reasons Why she won is because Cartoon Network and H-B have been milking the damn Scooby Doo franchise and shoving it in out faces. And Your veiwers have been brainwashed by it. There were better girls on that list that deserved to win.

    Anyway reguarding your Current poll. NGE and EL is the ONLY Anime that I even heard of on that list.

    And I don't even watch them.

  3. She has some pretty good barefoot scenes in What's New Scooby-Doo?, but overall I vastly prefer Velma.

  4. Stefan you need to watch more anime :P

    But i havent seen many on the list but some are on my watch list and was going to vote for NGE but seeing as i knew it would have a lot of votes i picked Infinite Stratos

  5. i still think Velma is the sexier of the girls in Scooby Doo

  6. I voted for Daphne for a few reasons. One is that I use to have a crush on her as a kid. Two, she's a martial artist. And three, I know for a fact she has a lot of foot scenes

    As for the new poll, you know I had my eye on a lot of these anime's. The one at the top is NGE so that's what I voted for.

  7. You have to give Daphne a little bit of credit Stefan. A lot of the characters have had remakes of their own as well giving them an equal opportunity to appeal to modern audiences and classic fans alike. I think that the lack of a Captain N remake hurt Lana a little bit with her votes although Judy Jetson did surprisingly well.

    Yeah all of these series are pretty rare. I've actually watched a couple but a lot of these are ones that I've been meaning to watch for awhile but haven't had a chance.

    O_O Thanks for letting me know Unknown. I'll try to find some of them for her bonus. Velma is great too. ^_^

    Yeah a lot of these are animes that I've been meaning to watch but haven't had the chance as well Jinto. I have watched Kaze No Stigma and Sekirei and really enjoyed them a lot. I've also watched the first episode of Elfin Lied recently. Hopefully this poll will help give me some opinions over which anime to watch and work on next. ^_^

    O_O I've been hearing a lot of good things about the series Infinite Stratos. That's a great choice. ^_^

    :-D I like Velma a lot too Match. ^_^ She is really cute and very intelligent. I also think that she is the main reason why the Scooby team is able to solve so many of their mysteries. ^_^

    O_O Those are really awesome reasons for picking her Breakthewalls. She is really hot!

    :-D NGE is a series that I've been meaning to watch for a long time too. ^_^ I love both Sci Fi and Anime so an anime that combines both elements really appeals to me. ^_^ It's a great pick. :-D

  8. Evangelion has been one of my top anime favorites for a long time. It's definitely not for the squeamish, though. XD All the three main girls have their barefoot moments, too. But most of the big closeups are in the End of Evangelion and Rebuild of Evangelion movies.

  9. I actively avoided the last poll because I didn't care for any of the options. I guess that makes me a grouch.

    The current poll has a few likable options though, and it's fantastic to see Ah My Goddess is heading for a strong 2nd place.

    I know that never results in a feature (and can remember some old polls with girls punching well above their weight to finish 2nd or 3rd being promised features that never happened) but it's still impressive to see people remember a series that doesn't have the crazy automatic fandom of Evangelion or the boost from being relatively new and foot-heavy like Infinite Stratos.

  10. not really Veroom, i also didnt vote in this last poll either

  11. My choice was Janine from Ghostbusters because she was a good drawn girl espeically in that episode when she was in that swimsuit at her desk.

    My new choice was Steel Angel Kurumi because it was one of the four anime shows that I know well than the others. Also, the sequel Steel Angel Kurumi 2 was very hot because it had girl on girl harem.

    Ah my Goddess is also another choice I would pick because Belldandy is one fine anime girl, and her design is having her pretty much barefoot.

    In related news, I found a pic of Iris from Pokemon, pretty obivious it looks fan drawn, but I like it. Iris is seen without pants but barefoot as you can see. Although, you can see Iris barebutt as well on the left which is pretty cute, but given the chance mostly like she would wear underwear in the American version no doubt, which is understandable even in the Japanese version. Other than that, this is the design I prefer most espeically consider that Iris is very much a nature girl if you seen some episodes.

  12. O_O That really gives me some more encouragement to watch the Evangelion series and movies Atomic Chincilla.

    :-D Ah My Goddess is another series that I've been meaning to watch for a long time but I've never gotten the chance Veroom. It seems like a great anime.^_^

    One of these days I have to go back and give Card Captor Sakura some love. ^_^

    Janine is hot Shadowmandude. ^_^

    O_O I was introduced to Steel Angel Kurumi and I really liked the title character. She looks incredibly cute. :-D It's another anime that I'm really looking forward to watching. ^_^

    :-D Hearing you guys take about these series...I have a feeling I'm going to wind up watching all of them before the month is up. ^_^;

    O_O wow...that image of Iris is Awesome. ^_^ I really love that character a lot. ^_^ Thanks you for it. ^_^

  13. @Jinto

    Me Watch More Anime? NEVER!!! American Cartoons are the things I watch now. I'm the Cartoon Historian,not the Anime Historian

  14. @Stefan

    Many apologies i had forgot about that title of your between my reading Ender's Shadow and A Soldier's Duty :P lol

    As i dont watch as much anime as i should as i would rather spend my time reading than watching