Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tekken: Xiaoyu (Bonus) w/ Spotlights

I'm still working on Chun Li but it will probably take me another week to organize so in the meantime...I thought I'd treat you to another cute Chinese fighter...Ling Xiaoyu. Enjoy guys!!

One of the cute things about Xiaoyu is that she has a pet Panda who is also is her personal bodyguard...

and teddybear. ^_^ Lucky Panda!!

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from the Tekken CG movie Blood Vengeance and Xiaoyu's ending in Tekken 6. Massive thank you to Unknown for capping her. My jaw dropped when I saw her barefoot wearing nothing but a towel.)

Xiaoyu has really come a long way since she debuted in Tekken 3. She has always been a strong and determined fighter but she's gotten a lot more mature since the days she stowed aboard Heihachi's cruise ship and entered the tournament for the sole purpose of building her own amusement part. As the series moved to focus on the character Jin Kazama, Xiaoyu a former classmate of his began to move into the center stage of the series taking on the role of a potential love interest for him. As Jinn begins to succumb to the darker side of his family legacy, Xiaoyu becomes the one to appeal his kinder half fighting to bring him back to the side of good. This culminates with her becoming the main character of the recent computer generated movie Tekken Blood Vengeance. ^_^

Sure, she's still has a playful side to her personality as well as the kind heart, and bright dreams that made several Tekken fans adore her originally but now she's more focused now trying her best to help the friend she loves and remembers and protect the world in the process. She grown from a character that almost purely elicited comic relief into a character that player's admire and respect.

Xiaoyu's fighting style incorporates a variety of Chinese martial arts and she is fun to watch in action. She as a great sense of balance as well as some graceful and unexpected movements that could easily catch an opponent off guard. Despite her apparent cuteness, experienced Tekken players will tell you that on the games highest setting, this girl is a pain to go up against. She's really tough.

On a sidenote, having watched Tekken Bloodlines rebellion through after seeing these awesome images Unknown got from them, I can tell you guys that it is a great film. The computer generated visuals are breathtakingly awesome and the fight scenes are really intense. A lot of popular characters from the recent game make an appearance in it. Fans of the Tekken series would definitely not be disappointed.

Ok...even though I wasn't able to get to Chun Li in this entry, I am going to fulfill another promise to you guys and provide you with some brand new...

I think the last time I've done one of these columns was in September leaving me once again with a lot to cover in this segment. ^_^ The last time I did this, I was in the middle of sharing a massive collection of spotlights that I had collected in honor of's 11th birthday which I didn't get to finish. ^_^; Anyway, let's pick up where we left off...

Whooshka by Vincanity
The premise of this story is that the main character Josh has a bad break up with his goth girlfriend Sarah (who also happens to be a witch) and in retaliation she casts a spell on him that forces him to obey anyone who says the word Whooshka in front of him. The story presents a variety of great possibilities such as Josh being dominated by female classmates, family members, one of his teachers or even Sarah herself (in a couple of arcs she even makes him kiss her feet). No matter who finds out about his weakness...he's definitely in a lot of trouble. ^_^

Warcraft Feet: Sylvanas Windrunner by Worgan Freeman
I had previously spotlighted this story for an excellent arc written be Capt. Wolf which involved a human Captain offering to take care of the feet of one of Sylvanas' personal guards (a cute elven female named Dryse Winterfall). This had the awesome result of encouraging a continuation to the storyline...a beautifully written chapter showing the interaction between the two characters as the Captain completes his task. I really liked the character of Dryse a lot. She is clever and playful and knows how to use her feet to tease someone. ^_^ I definitely recommend you guys check this story out.

The Ultimate Foot Fetish by His Divine Shadow
Having originally intended to spotlight this story in September, it really worked out well because this interactive has grown tremendously during the months in between. Originally, this story attracted attention for the sheer variety of possibilities available in the interactive. It offers everything from cartoons and anime series like Totally Spies and Dragon Ball Z, live action sci fi shows and movies like Charmed and Tron: Legacy, videogames like Final Fantasy Dissidia and Parasite Eve to Sitcoms like the Big Bang theory. There are even some entirely original stories like the College Temptress series and the Greek Chronicles. It's creator has also worked very hard writing chapters for many of its characters including popular ones like Mai, Ty Lee and Azula(Avatar), Gwen (Ben 10), Artemis (Young Justice) and Videl (DBZ). His most sophisticated arc however is probably the one written for the Valkyria chronicles which has over 20 different characters from the series.Besides His Divine Shadow himself, some of the others authors who have added to this interactive include M4nd4lor3 (who wrote some excellent chapters involving the Pink Power Ranger Kimberly) and Jestyxx (Robo Girl Saga). The story has over 650 chapters in it. O_O

Comic Book Women's Feet
Diving into some of the recently updated stories now...let me take some time to highlight some updates to my own interactive too. ^_^ Over the past couple of months there were a lot of good chapters from several different authors including a really great transformation story conclusion involving a character being turned into She Hulk's footwear by Lilipoot, chapters involving Artemis, Polaris and Scarlet Witch's feet written by His Divine Shadow, a continuation to a storyline involving being punished in two different ways by Jennifer Walters and her counterpart by Surprise Me and two great story arcs involving Power Girl and the Black Cat written by Retrogamer. ^_^ Thanks for adding guys!!

Speaking of the Latter author, Retrogamer recently updated the Juri Arc for his Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy interactive
I also want to spotlight an excellently written storyline involving Tifa's feet written by The Dude and Car Keyz that I think I missed out on spotlighting earlier. ^_^

Other recently updated stories that I want to spotlight include...

Star Wars Foot Fetish by His Divine Shadow
His Divine Shadow has a lot of really good interactives. This is one of my favorites thanks to a great arc involving the main character being forced to become a foot slave to Padme Amidala and her female bodyguard. Hot!! The full story has a wide variety of scenarios to explore including female jedi feet, female bounty hunters, and female sith feet. Princess Leia is in the interactive too. :-D It's definitely a great read. ^_^

Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion by Breakthewalls
Recent updates to Breakthewall's excellent interactive include a really awesome storyline involving being dominated by Pokemon's Sabrina's feet written by the author Ace. Hot!!!

Anime/Video Game Girls Feet Torture by Mr. Cool
Every time this story releases a new chapter, I always rush to check it hoping that there have been some new additions to Capt. Wolf's storyline involving the Nintendo Girl's feet which has pretty much become a must read storyline for any foot fan. The recent updates to this story arc involve a tantalizing game between Samus and Zelda where the main character finds himself being badly teased and played with by Zelda's feet. Will he be able to resist her? There are also same great alternate storylines involving the main character worshipping Princess Peach and Princess Daisy's feet too. Awesome!!^_^

More Mine By the Minute by Lillipoot
This one is just starting out but it really has the potential to be a great story. The premise is that the main character (a girl named Jamie) transforms into objects if she winds up staring at them too long. The twist is that the people who own the objects can interact with her but they start to forget that she was human the longer she is transformed. So far there are two foot related storylines in this story. One involves Jamie transforming into the foot of a teenage girl named Amber. Another one involves her becoming the lucky socks of her best friend Karie. I always love seeing transformation storylines and doesn't have nearly enough of them (especially stories involving feet). I'm looking forward to seeing this story develop in the future.

Ok the last story up is a little bit of a surprise ....

Bristol Palin's Slave by Destinydueler
The premise of this story involves the main character (you) meeting Bristol Palin while working in a shoe store. She takes advantage of your fear of socks and forces you to become her slave. I've seen a lot of celebrity domination stories...Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez etc but I never would have imagined a story involving Bristol Palin. The sheer unexpectedness of the idea just made me smile. It's actually very well written and the author Sauurman who is an expert on femdom writing has contributed some chapters to this story too. It might be a fun read for domination fans. ^_^

Alright everyone...that basically it for today but as usual...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. Epic Angry German Kid scream*

    So beautiful ;D,I don't play tekken so much,but I recognize a preatty feet when I see one.(Hard to find a ugly one by the way,but who whants that?)

    And the storys....More time reading for me ;D

  2. Video Game Anime is a Wasted Art. Baka Japan!

    Anyway,very awesome post,KSC. It's retarded that there's no barefoot customization in Street Fighter X Tekken.

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Have fun reading Kyore. ^_^

    Yeah the lack of barefoot customization in the crossover is really a missed opportunity Stefan. :-(

  4. Oh,I found some more stuff for your Chun-Li Post.

  5. Didn't think my story would be featured here haha. It surprised me.

  6. O_O Those models of Chun Li are awesome Stefan. Wow...that's really cool...thank you for them.

    :-D I have to give you a lot of props for creating a very original story destinydueler. ^_^ Great idea. ^_^

  7. Im glad you done xiaoyu over chun li :D i guess im one odd SF fans that dont like Li so im rather glad to see a character i like from Tekken on here

    Now that i have a Ps3 i can catch up on Tekken games :D

  8. Thanks Jinto. ^_^

    I like both series and characters but my favorites in both games are the blondes...Cammy and Nina respectively. ^_^

    :-) I still have to catch up on my tekken games too. I've been wanting to play Tekken 6 for awhile.

  9. Whoh! Glad I made it back in time to catch this post! Awesome work dude!The stories you posted links to, are those yours, or someone else's ^^;. Either way,I'll have to take time to read them. Keep it up man.

  10. I had no idea that Xiaoyu had that many foot scenes :D She sure has smexy feet :D Would love it if she playfully teased me with them via face rubbing ^_^

  11. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^

    These are interactive stories so it's a combination of many different authors writing. I did write a couple of chapters for a few of them though. ^_^

    :-D Thanks Tristan. ^_^ Xiaoyu is really hot. ^_^

    I'd love to be teased like that too. ^_^

  12. lol, well now I feel bad for not updating in forever :-p. J/k, thanks for the mention :-)

  13. :-D No problem Lilipoot. ^_^ It's a great story. ^_^

  14. I assume Asuka and Nina will also be in there somewhere?

  15. I know that Nina and Anna are but I don't think Asuka makes a cameo in the film. If she did it was very brief. ^_^; It would definately be if she made an appearance though. ^_^

  16. oh. ^_^; Sadly neither of them goes barefoot in the movie but I will try to get material from other mediums. I know that Nina has a couple of barefoot cut scenes from the series and she starred in her own spin off game with at least one swimsuit scene. Hopefully she'll have some good moments. ^_^

  17. I'm not much into Tekken, I'm more of a Street Fighter kinda guy, which is why I'm looking forward to the new crossover, although, I may get the Namco version Tekken X Street Fighter, and see how different it is.

  18. :-D I'm really curious about seeing how they did a crossover too. Both games should be interesting. ^_^

  19. Ah, Xiaoyu! Sadly she was never a character I play in Tekken 'cause I just find her too hard to use. But I do recognize she's cute- and nicely she's getting a lot more beautiful as she matures. Nice to see her barefoot scenes here- that bit with Alisa just makes Blood Vengeance worth watching. ^___^

    Not sure that Nina has any barefoot scenes in her 'Death by Degrees' game, although her swimsuit scene was nice (don't remember it having any good foot shots though, sadly- always too far away). But I may be wrong.
    Anyway, great stuff as always, KSC!!!

  20. As much as I love cg feet I thought they were very stiff in the movie. It's like the animators were to lazy put any movement animation into her toes. :(

  21. :-) Thanks Sole Keeper. It's the same for me. Xiaoyu is one those characters who has some really cool moves but is very difficult to control similar to Akira from Virtua fighter. I'm better with Nina or Christie. My younger brother is able to use her very effectively though.

    Oh that's disappointing about Death by Degrees. I was hoping for some good Nina action in it. There are some playthrough. At least some of the promotional artwork offers a little glimpse of her feet for it. ^_^

    :-) I think probably the CG character with the most expressive feet that I've seen is Rapuzel Feetintheclouds. Her toes wiggle and her feet seem to respond to their environment. They also balance out being cute and realistic really well too. ^_^

  22. Just out of curiously and this came out of a thought, but do any girls also view this blogspot site?

  23. There have been a few. ^_^ Some come here for characters or series. A couple of them with fetishes have commented on other posts in the past but it is usually pretty rare. :-)

  24. Appreciate the highlights, as always. There's nothing better than getting a bit of recognition for your work.

    And also, I always found Tekken to be the most visually pleasing game out of all the fighters out there. Maybe it's just the way the girls are designed that gets my attention. Whatever it is, there's a lot of it in these pictures.

  25. No problem Capt. Wolf...your writing is awesome. ^_^

    I was reading the newest Sylvanas story chapters this morning. They really blew me away.

    :-D Yeah Tekken really is a visually amazing game. Thanks for the positive feedbacks on the pictures as well. ^_^