Saturday, April 7, 2012


Back before Triton left, he had wanted to post Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess as part of his hit list. Unfortunately, he never got around to doing it. Now I aim to fulfill that pledge. One more of the hit list knocked out,

Special thanks to Allan Meeks for making this excellent contribution.


  1. I know right! there are still many more scenes. But these are all i have for the moment.

  2. Great collection!!! Have to say that this is a prodigious undertaking as OMG is full to the brim with barefoot scenes. Belldandy is perhaps THE footfan's anime babe goddess. ^___^ Gotta find these vids and films myself.

  3. Great work man! I really need to see this anime :D I also know of another girl from this series that had a great scene.

    Knock this one off the hit list, KSC would be proud :)

  4. good work! she's really cute.

    could you post Pano from the manga Marchen awakens romance ?

    Sorry if my english is not very good :p

  5. I've been trying to edit the last ones on this page and make her completely barefoot using GIMP but it's not working well, anyone have any tips? I'm a noob with GIMP.

  6. Awesome!! Scratch another character off the Hit list. :-D