Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chun Li Ultimate Bonus 2

Ok guys, this will be my last post for awhile so I tried to end on something good. Luckily before I flew out...I was able to complete one of the two megasets that I promised you. ^_^ It took a really late night but here it is...Chun Li in all her glory. :-) A lot of incarnations of this sexy fighter to cover tonight so lets not waste any time. ^_^
Animated Movie Chun Li
Starting with familiar territory, as most you are probably aware of, Chun Li has one of the best animated foot scenes of all time. ^_^ I've posted a lot of cap from this movie in the past but her are some new ones. ^_^

Man she's so feisty in this movie. :-D

Street Fighter 2 Victory Chun Li
In this animated version Street Fighter, Chun Li is a tour guide. Sadly we don't to see her feet that often but there is great closeup of when her shoe slips off during a fight with Bison. ^_^

Despite a somewhat different depiction of her in this incarnation, Chun Li she still retains her martial arts skills.

I originally watched this series as an English dub. When I was capping this I got the Italian version. It became pretty obvious fairly quick that the U.S. censored theirs a little. :-D

Poor Chun li.

Ken who was unconscious from a previous fight comes to in time to see Chun Li get knocked out by Bison but was too weak to help her. This sequence with her shoe slowly dropping to the floor haunts him for several of the follow up episodes and he winds out flashing back to it a lot. I guess seeing a woman's shoe slowly fall off her foot is really dramatic. :-)

The Street Fighter 2 V series is definitely really intense and a lot of fun to watch and I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it. :-)

Chun Li Artwork
Some hot fanart of everyone's favorite lightning kicker. ^_^

Chun Li Sprite Edits

All of these were done by Stefan depicting Chun Li exactly the way we like :-D

Chun Li Models
Some sexy barefoot figurines of Chun Li. ^_^

This particular figure has barefoot customization. ^_^ Something that I think we would really love to see Capcom implement in the main game. ^_^

Street Fighter 4
One of the disappointing things about the Street Fighter videogames is that Chun Li is never barefoot in them (that I know about). It's a shame because her latest incarnation is really hot. Thanks to some editing and modding from her fans that dream becomes a reality. ^_^

Another on of Stefan's edits. ^_^

The barefoot modding is done by Sloth86...he really did an amazing job. ^_^

Modding has a lot of potential that I only covered briefly. The Sole Keeper (who posted the clip I capped these from) covers it a lot more thoroughly...definitely check out his website Virtual Soles for more of this. ^_^

And finally to finish off this Super combination is an animation of her. ^_^

Chun Li Animation

(:-D Caps, fanart and webfinds from a lot of different sources. ^_^ Massive thank you to Stefan for contributing a ton of material for her as well as Starky, Sloth86 and the Sole Keeper for providing caps and clips and material for this bonus too.)

Well that's it for me everyone. ^_^ My last post for probably a long time. I wasn't sure I was going to finish this entry and was literally typing part of it off of Airport wi-fi but I did it.

I also want to thank the other contributors too. I've been looking at the initial wave of post and judging from them...this site will do just fine while I'm away. ^_^

It's really been a pleasure blogging and communicating with everyone...I'm really going to miss it. Best wishes to all of you!
castling out!


  1. Farewell, my friend. I shall miss you.

  2. You forgot to mention that I found those pics and figs for ya. Anyway,this is a VERY Epic Bonus and one hell of a send off. See you soon,my friend. Before you go take a look and comment on my blogs one final time.

  3. We are all gonna miss you man! Be safe over seas for us! This is what I call going out with a bang! You got all the footy goodness of Chun-Li before sailing off! I love it! Great work dude! We'll take good care of the blog while your gone! Until next time, have a safe trip!!

  4. amazing how often she goes barefoot... outside of the actual game

  5. Does anyone other that Sloth86 SF4 mods :P i know others but but i always see his name come out on the credits of most of the ones i have seen

    While i dont like Chun Li that has changed over time because of art and costume changes and sloth86 also helped a little but its more of a change from dislike to neutral heh

    Thanks for the hard work on this last second post KSC and enjoy the trip

  6. What a finale :D Thanks KCS :D

    I think you know what I would say about her feet and legs ;P

  7. What an amazing post, hope to see you again.