Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi

Kill La Kill is a new anime series. It combines a ridiculously silly premise with awesome over-the-top battles and a hilarious sense of humor to create a very enjoyable show. It's rather heavy on fanservice, but it's justified in-universe and mostly played for laughs. The characters are fun and lovable. If you like anime like FLCL and Gurren Lagann you should definitely check this show out since it's made by a lot of the same folks who worked on those.You can legally watch Kill La Kill for free on

Ryuko Matoi is the heroine of the show. She's come to Honnouji Academy looking for clues to her father's murder. She's a tough, no-nonsense fighter but she's compassionate and fun and really cares for the few friends she has. She teams up with a living high school uniform called Senketsu who grants her incredible strength to battle against Honnouji's students and their own superpowered uniforms.


  1. :-) This looks like a very cool anime. ^_^ Ryuko seems like the type of woman I would like...tough and spunky. Nice post Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^

    1. It's quickly become a new favorite! It'll have you hooked by the second episode. Thanks, KSC!

    2. Eh I tried the first episode couldn't get through it and I flipped through a few more for the what I got from it wannabe pervy Sailor Moon girls a rip off of Rukia, it's social hype like Attack on Titan subpar anime at best, but that's my opinion. The girl is cute though overall kinda of a bad story and the fights were okay nothing like a good brawl from Saint Seiya, Yu Yu Hakusho, or DBZ

      And KSC when do I get posting privileges ;)

    3. :-) I'll have to check it out.

      ^_^ I was thinking Rukia when I saw the Heroine too. Especially in the 3rd cap and the ones where she's wearing pajamas.

      Sure...i'll be happy to set you up if you want Destiny. What e-mail do you use to access blogger?

    4. It's okay it just couldn't keep my interest

      =D yeah there's another girl who looks like Rukia too, her names Mikasa Ackerman

      =D cool I've been wanting to post those Rain pics, uh I belive the one I'm using is

    5. :-) I googled Mikasa. You're right. She really does look like Rukia. ^_^

      O_O That's awesome. I tried setting you up to post with that address. Let me know if you got the invitation. ^_^