Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yo, Intro and Cana Alberona Post =D

Hello I go by destinydueler on here =D, some may have stumbled on to my page on devinatart on there I'm dragonodestiny, I don't have any impressive art or anything but I do tend to get a lot of commission work done so there's that. I've been on here for a few years I comment now and then =D, and I'm really glad to be able to finally post on here.

For My first post I thought I'd post my favorite Anime girl at this time =D, Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail. Most people seem to like Erza and/or Lucy from the series, I'm not really to fond of them, I was at first but I think they tend to be a bit too over rated, and take away from of the other girls in the series.

I'm not exactly sure why Cana struck a chord with me but she almost instantly became my favorite. Cana is a fun loving girl who likes to relax, with a love for alchohol actually love may be to weak a word as 30% of the liquor budget is due to her drinking habits, and she rarely gets drunk. She doesn't really care to much for personal space and can get a little grabby and flirty at times, but is usually in a jesting manor.

She is a potential S-Class mage, and the daughter of Fair Tails strongest Mage. She also has great magical potential, and can use the advanced Spell, Fairy Glitter. She cares for her friends greatly and strayed from the path once just to gain approval from her father. Cana is also is a makeshift leader taking over when no one else is around. 

Cana almost always wears Sandals, wearing boots during the end of an arc, and on a chapter page, and she goes barefoot in the guild a lot when sitting on tables. I wouldn't mind being her foot stool while she drinks all day or pampering her feet while she relaxes and drinks =D. 

Also sorry for the cropped pics, I try to keep characters seperate or to remove the men from them so sorry if that upsets anyone 

Sorry for all the babbling without further ado

 This is from Mashimas Twitter

Also I got permission from a few artists I had commissioned from deviantart to post a few of the pics I got from them as long as I posted their usernames

 by alomar53

by Briel7


by Solesartist

 by Katzueki

There you go my first post hope it was alright =D and everythings okay
I have more pics in my favorites folder  on my deviantart page under things I've Requested and Commissioned, a few are private so if you want them contact me, and I'll do my best to get them to you, just don't go spreading them everywhere please =)


  1. Awesome first post Destiny Dueler. Cana is massively hot and has some really great scenes. :-) Thanks very much for posting her. Just be a little careful of the bath scenes. Some of the material borders the pg-13 line a little bit close for comfort.'s an excellent post.

    Guys...I'm going to be out of commission for a bit while my laptop gets repaired so this might be my last comment for awhile. All of the posters here have really been knocking the ball out of the park lately so I think that I'm leaving the site in good hands. :-)

    1. Sorry to hear that, KSC! I'll work on some new material during the interim. :)

    2. Thanks Atomic Chinchilla. :-) I got my Laptop back this morning. Luckily the shop was able to recover my data but now I'm going through the tedious process of reinstalling all the programs I had on it. It's going to be a long week. ^_^;

  2. Thank you and yeah sorry bout that =(, I wasn't too sure probably should've asked about that

    Seeya when I seeya

    1. No problem. ^_^ It was just slightly on the borderline and since I was going to be away for a bit I was being extra cautious. It was still a great post. :-)


  3. I'm not familiar with Fairy Tail but the author seems to share a common interest with us. XD

    If you're interested in more art of Cana or anyone else, I'm always open for commissions on DA. :)

    1. It's a good series not the best but it's really good, I believe he does there are quite a few foot scenes in the series =)

      =D sure when I acquire some more funds I'd be glad too =)

    2. Awesome! Drop me a note any time. :D