Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kampfer Poll Results

Sorry for posting this so slowly. Had some internet connectivity problems last night. Anyway, here are the results of the Kampfer Poll. :-) 
:-D It looks like Shizuka's skillful feet made her a favorite in this poll. She really dominated this poll. In second place was  Akane and the Kampfer main character Senou took 3rd. This was the first time I tried the other options in my poll. It had some interesting results. I originally started the poll with the 5 main characters in Kampfer but left in the other option in case people wanted to vote for another of rarer Kampfer women which someone did leading to Hitomi being added in as an option in the poll. ^_^ Some of other write in choices were Sakura, Temari, Misty who are technically not Kampfer women but it was interesting to see their names appear. There was also a choice for the women most likely to whatever the voter wants with her feet (which is probably another vote for Shizuka as well).  I kind of like having the other option as part of the polls. Maybe it will reappear in the future. :-)

Anyway as always thanks very much for voting and sharing your opinion guys. :-) It was fun to see. I'll try and post something special commemorating Shizuka's victory later in the week. ^_^

Ok guys...this all for now. As always more to come soon. :-)


  1. As for own personal favorite, it was Akane. I just love the combination of firecracker and sweet. She's really great plus she's a redhead as well. I like Shizuka too though and can definitely understand why she won. :-) She is really hot! Great voting guys. ^_^

    1. I didn't know much about the girls but I also chose Akane it was between her and Shizuka =D

    2. :-D Great Choice Destiny Dueler. ^_^ I think a lot of people wound up making a decision between those two. They are probably the two hottest girls in the series. :-) Definitely the ones with the best foot scenes,

  2. Nothing like missing a few months :( though would toss in my vote for Akane. Why is it the arrogant princess has to Win these things. Nothing like late night postings on "Vacation" when on needs to be up at 4am

    1. :-) Hi Jinto. Yeah I was really rooting for Akane too. She was such a great character. Wow sounds like an intense vacation. Hope that you have fun on it. ^_^