Thursday, March 5, 2015

Justice League Unlimited: Tala

Tala is a powerful sorceress who uses her magic to aid several other villains over the course of the series. She originally was working for the Cadmus organization, but was trapped inside a mirror by her old mentor, Felix Faust. Freed by the scheming Gorilla Grodd, she stayed at his side and became his girlfriend when he created the Legion of Doom. After Lex Luthor usurps command of the Legion, Tala decides to become Lex's girlfriend instead, though he rebuffs her advances at every turn. Despite being an evil witch, Tala has several cute moments in the series, doting on Lex and trying to make him happy despite his attitude.

Only one more DCAU post to go, folks! :)


  1. Best barefoot villain. Ever. I cant tell you how often I went back and watched her zapping herself. I had no idea we had more shots them that. Sadly no real detail but I do enjoy her the most. A shame about her fate. Thank you! :)

    1. Yeah, she was very enjoyable to watch through the series. ^__^ Happy to be of service.

  2. Saw all of your posts Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^ You really did an amazing job on the series. :-D