Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gundam Build Fighters Try: Shia Kijima

Hey guys! Been a while since my last post so I'm coming back with this adorable badass from the latest Gundam series.

Shia Kijima is a prodigy Gunpla builder and part of the prestigious Gunpla Academy's Team Celestial Sphere, competing in the Japanese National Gunpla Battle Tournament. She pilots her Gundam Portent with the skill and grace of a ballerina while dishing out massive damage and repairing her teammates' machines. She's a very sweet and supportive girl who will gladly help an opponent fix and improve their broken Gunpla between battles to give them both a more exciting fight.

Gundam Build Fighters and its sequel Try are some of the most enjoyable anime I've seen in recent years. All the action and kick-ass robot battles you'd expect from Gundam without any of the angst or war melodrama. I definitely recommend it, and it's free to watch on Gundam's Youtube channel!

Got some more posts lined up, so stay tuned!


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  2. This tribute to Shia Kijima is an excellent way to return to this humble webpage! Bravo, sir! Bravo! 8D

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    2. @Atomic Chinchilla

      You are welcome! Shia is my favorite GBF Try girl, and the fact that she wears pants with stirrups only adds to her overall appeal, IMHO! 8D

  3. Oh man, these are some very nice finds AC! It's always fun when characters are playful with their feet.