Friday, May 1, 2015

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Hestia episodes 4 & 5

I strongly recommend viewing posts 1 2 and 3 before viewing this. Thank you.

If you're wondering why it took me so long to cover episode 4, well, let's just say there was literally two frames of footage which is just not significant enough for a post. She was wearing a maid attire for most of the episode so content was dry. However! Episode 5 is jam packed with content and I'm happy to deliver it in all its glory. Starting with episode 4...

So as you can see this just would have not been significant enough for a post. Well then, let's get to the main event now!

Much better!

In other news Xenoblade Chronicles X has released and much like it's previous entry every playable female has plenty of footware options and from what I've seen at the very least every one has sandals. And keep in mind you can create a character being female in that and of course they have the options to wear sandals as well. Maybe there's some barefoot love but I haven't seen all the gear. When that releases around late Summer/fall I will gladly do a post on it!

Well, as always, thanks for reading! If I don't do episode 6 next week then just know it's an insignificant episode.


  1. Between Hestia and other barefoot characters like Morgiana, I hope this starts a trend in current anime. XD

  2. :-D This really is great series of posts... Thanks so much for making them Mrbatemanwearingawig