Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pokemon Sun and Moon- Lana 4

More of your favorite Sandeled Girl in Pokemon Sun and Moon again with her feet getting bigger and bigger each episode

(This pic kinda made me mad because the fricken text is blocking her feet but when the episode comes out in English I will post another pic without the text)

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  1. how can a girl that that is practically barefoot not go barefoot

    1. Patience, good things come to those who wait

    2. gahhhh, i dont like to wait

  2. can you repost Jasmine from Yugioh GX? so many lost posts that need to be brought back

  3. Is it me or has Lana quit huge feet for her size? Or at least in some scenes. I mean look at some of the screenshots of the newest episode. Especially the second one. Doesn't her feet look quit big? Or is it just me.