Sunday, March 26, 2017

Poll Results 71

Here are the results for the Poll for Rogue One. Late, I know, but here are the results.

Looks like once again, Sabine has won with her feet. In second place was Rey, who might be a Skywalker, but we'll see when The Last Jedi comes out, and in third was the recent main female role in Rogue One, Jyn Erso. Now, with Rogue One done, as well as the third season of Star Wars Rebels, here is the bonus poll results.

Looks like the Rebellion and the Resistance won this battle. I don't know what the other is, but after what happened in Rebels, this is a dark day for the Empire. Would hate to be them. Keep in touch for the next post coming up soon. See you all, have a great time!
-Flynn Mars


  1. Finally someone else posts something

  2. Doh I was hoping hera would get third. It's easy to find Rey and Jin:/