Monday, April 10, 2017

Digimon - Sora Takenouchi

Despite being somewhat of a tomboy, pursuing activities like soccer instead of more traditional pastimes like flower-arranging as her mother prefers, Sora is still a very kind-natured, protective girl who acts as a sort of "team mother". She is always looking after the others and trying to help them, even without their knowledge, and is actually so devoted to others that she develops low self-esteem over her already impressive kindness, feeling that it's not good enough to qualify as the "love" her Crest embodies, and focusing instead on her lingering resentment of her mother as a reason to disparage herself. Her feet are big and that's the way I like them.


  1. To bad Sora wasn't much in barefoot scenes like Mimi. Since she was much into sport I guess her feet would have been very sweaty. I would be the first one to volunteer to wash her big feet and maybe some other parts if she is okay with it.

    1. Same, she was one of my first anime crushes, she still is, really. 🙂

  2. Looks like Sora makes her barefooted debut. :)