Thursday, April 6, 2017

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract- Terra

The original Terra was a Teen Titan who was secretly a spy for their enemy Deathstroke. During The classic storyline The Judas Contract, Terra died. In the New 52, Terra is a member of the teenage runaways, The Ravagers.

Shout out to shadowmandude for adding these comic pages


  1. Nice one. Beat me to it, but you still did a good job in capturing these pics.

    1. Thanks but feel free to contribute some things you find God knows we need it

  2. When DC did their reboot (now consider alternated thanks to DC Rebirth), Terra when through a new costume where she goes barefoot in the short-lived series the Ravagers, but hasn't been seen since the end of the series. However, here's some nice scenes from the comic: