Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good Luck Girl!: Ichiko Sakura

Ichiko is a girl who has a high amount of Fortune energy that gives her extreme beauty, high intelligence, wealth and health. Her Fortune levels are so high that she unconsciously absorbs luck from others, causing them to be less fortunate. She is adored by the boys in high school whilst being loathed by the girls, and her sweet looks hide a fierce personality. Due to a past trauma, she has a fear of getting close to others as she doesn't want to be betrayed, often leaving her lonely. Using a magical item given to her by Bobby known as the Somin Shōrai, Ichiko can manifest her Fortune energy into stuffed animal-like versions of the Chinese zodiac. When extracted from her body, Ichiko's Fortune energy can be given to others who are in danger in order to help them.


  1. There's still more to her though... I mean you got the pictures of her where she was snatched so hard by the leg that she lost one of her little pink sneakers in the scuffle, but you didn't include shots from the following episode. In the following episode, she's still missing her shoe. She even runs out into the forest wearing the one shoe, and there are some pretty decent closeups too, one of which the sole of her foot that lost the shoe got a little dirty and roughed up from running on the terrain

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