Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Trash Situation

Once again, sorry for my inability to block all of the trash from people who only want to be twats. I cannot block them because for some idiotic reason the Blogger site does not give an Admin the option to block anyone from coming to the site.

However I do believe I have a way. I can restrict comments to the page to only come from people who are registered as Blog Authors to this site.

If you are OK with this idea I will change it and post my email address to anyone who wishes to be added to the Blog Author list.

Until them DO NOT interact with users Trony and Bambino. DO NOT engage with them. DO NOT reply to them. I will delete their posts asap.

I would like to give a special thanks to


  1. We could reconstruct on a blog system that does support more advanced tools?

    I'd live to help moderate it seems we are on diff. Times

    1. Well i would love more help on this. I pretty much cant do much else besides do slight edits. would love to see this blog page filled with barefoot beauties and good people enjoying the sights

    2. i can add you to to Author Status if you send me your email to

  2. Thanks man this is well appreciated

  3. I am in full support of this thank you so much Match25 :)
    As a person with Aspergers Syndrome I can't tell you how sick and tired I am getting with the word "Autistic" being used to get people down and be all insensitive to those with the condition. I personally don't look at my own condition as a disabilities, rather I look for my abilities!

    anyhoo.... lol I don't think I'm a "Blog Author" on this blog??? I have in the past made suggestions to KingSideCastle such as Kiki's Delivery Service but I've never actually made any posts on this blog before... I would however like to be able to still comment now and then as I've not been as active on this blog for quite some time.

    May I send you my email in order to be in the Author Status please?

  4. So I can only comment as an author huh but I don't post stuff on here cause I'm only a viewer and I usually leave this stuff to the professionals, Keep Up the great work

  5. Trony how about you post stuff and complain less it would benefit for this wonderful blog :)

  6. I knew this would get pretty hectic later own, as long as I can still comment, I'm fine with it.

    At first I thought you guys were just playing around with each other, apparently not.

  7. Can you please add me to the blog author list?

    1. send your email to