Friday, July 14, 2017

Mahoromatic- Saori Shikijo

Saori Shikijo is a junior high teacher. She is shown to be both a beautiful and surprisingly strong women who all the boys have a crush on; she also happens to be a heavy drinker and as a result is often broke and unable to afford food. She is also shown to have an extreme shota complex, as she is both attracted and in love with one of her students; Suguru Misato as she both tried to get some 'Alone time' with him and have "Private Lessons" with him. However she is foiled by Mahoro, who she has a hatred for as she doesn't want her to be with Suguru and would sometime come to the house every night to make sure they're not alone.


  1. actually if memory serves me right didnt her oversexualization put off the boys in her class, or am i thinking of DearS?

    1. Yeah your definitely thinking of DearS