Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sankarea: Rea Sanka

Rea is the female lead of the series. She is the deuteragonist, following Chihiro as the protagonist. She is the daughter of Dan'ichirō Sanka and Aria Sanka, but her biological mother died right after she was born. She currently resides in the Furuya Residence at the temple. Currently, she suffers from amnesia as a result of having some of her braincells unwillingly removed, although it seems like she subconsciously starts to remember as of chapter 44/45.


  1. She has cute feet from a zombie if all zombie girl was like her i wouldn't mind having one as girlfriend.

  2. this anime did like to focus on female feet, always nice

  3. Always a personal favorite. There's something about Rea that makes her feel alluring.