Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Poll Results:

Ok...the 30th poll of the month has finally come to an end. After an whopping 2147 are the results...

It looked like this time around the Giantesses crushed their competition proving that their huge feet are the ones that most fans would love to be captured by and made a slave to with 503 votes. In second place and really holding their own through most of this competition were the fairy girls. They were followed by the catgirls who claimed third. The rest of these supernatural groups of women all proved to have willing slaves of their own and even the rarer Banshee/Ghost type garnered 25 votes. Let's just hope that none of these women decide to come after us and torture us with their feet out of revenge for not winning the poll. ^_^;

Ok as usual...I just want to give a really big thank you to everyone for voting and I'll try to keep your opinions in mind in the future. ^_^ Giantesses hmm....that should be an interesting set of women to tribute. I'll also some great fairy and catgirl scenes (*Big Thanks to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for those*) to post in the future as well. ^_^

Alright everyone...a lot of catching up to do. Yeah I know that last month was really slow. I'll try to post a lot more this month. :-D I try to post a new poll tonight and a Giantess tribute soon. Not to finish off the bonuses from last month as well. :-)


  1. So...which set of supernatural hotties was my personal favorite? That would have to be witches. :-D Imagine all the cool spells they could cast to play with you. :-D

    Still the other sets are great as well.

    Anyway Great Voting everyone.

  2. Just for fun let's do an odds table overview for the rarer odds playing out.

    In the much watched Succubi vs Android girls it looks like the Succubi managed to very narrowly pull off the win. Kudos to the Robots for holding out so long though. ^_^

    As for the others...

    Veroom's odds:
    Witches to Finish in top 3- Nope :-( was rooting for them though

    Female Vampires to finish in top 3- O_O Came out very close but they didn't quite make it. *Gives Moka a comforting footrub.*

    Demonesses over 40 votes- Success...well played Yura!!

    Psychics escaping the bottom 3- Couldn't quite pull it off...*Nuzzles Jean Grey's soles to comfort her*

    GTS to Win: Yup...they pulled it off.

    Androids in top 5: Seventh place finish. Massages 18's feet to avoid getting trampled.

    Fairy girls winning- No...though it remained close for quite a bit.

    Catgirls over 100 votes- Yup and then some. Rrowr!! ^_^

    Banshees/Ghost to avoid last place finish- Nope. ^_^; Sylvanas is probably torturing someone with her feet somewhere out of anger.

    Succubi beating Demonesses,banshees and ghost combined. - yup total votes for D/B/G 104 votes.

    GTS and Faries to be separated by more than 50 votes - yup 58 votes apart

    Demonesses to Overtake Succubi- heh heh nope didn't happen.

    Scorned characters taking their revenge on me: Expecting a couple of angry knocks tonight. ^_^;

    Psychics Staying ahead of the demonesses: nope...*nuzzles Jean's soles even more passionately*

    Catgirls staying in 3rd place: on!!

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  4. Heh, I think you were being generous by omitting the odds themselves for mine:

    Witches top 3 - Evens - No
    Vampirettes top 3 - 7/2 - No
    Demonesses 40 votes - 4/1 - Yes
    Psychics not bottom 3 - 6/1 - No
    Giantesses win - 1/4 - Yes
    Fembots top 5 - 10/1 - No
    Fairy Girls win - 5/1 - No
    Catgirls 100 votes - 3/1 - Yes
    Banshee/Ghosts not last - 5/1 - No
    Succubi > Demonesses + Banshees/Ghosts - 2/1 - Yes

    A bunch of easy choices but I called Demonesses and Catgirls badly wrong which had knock-on effects on other predictions.

    The latter I blame on catgirls getting a really slow start. Had I not seen the early votes where they were something like seventh, I'd have expected them to finish second. Perhaps I should try making the odds blind next time.

    As for my favourite... well I was pretty open about liking the androids this month, somehow I knew they'd lose to succubi. As it finished, I don't feel much for any of the top six types themselves - but I'll admit that some of the girls representing them (Ruby, Aisha and Felicia) are fine. ^^

  5. I was personally rooting for Psychics...I'm amazed they did so poorly ^_^; Looks like I'm going to get punished by Sabrina via headscissors and foot stool ^_^;

    I did enjoy this poll a lot, for a small moment there it looked like Faires would pull a David and Goliath upset but the Giantesses reasserted their dominance.

    As for Sylvannas...she's taking out her anger on me as well ^_^;

  6. As for my other least I'm 50/50, of course I only did two other odds ^_^;

  7. i find this poll strangely ironic, as guys would either consider feet the same size of their body or feet as small as the tip of their pinky

  8. Hahaha Match25, seriously! I'm astounded at how nearly half the votes in total were for feet that aren't even feet-sized!

  9. I voted for Androids. It sucks that they didn't win :(

  10. What about the tribute to cosplayer's feet?

  11. Heh heh...I really overestimated the demonesses as well.Androids are definitely really cool Veroom. ^_^ O_O Those category picks are definitely really fun.

    Psychics rock Breakthewalls. O_O Hope Sabrina and Sylvanas don't rough you up too much. ;-)

    Yeah that's a really interesting observation Match. I have to far as my own preferences go...a female foot the size of my body does sound really appealing.

    Female Robots are hot Stefan. ^_^

    O_O I think we're still organizing it Digiharrisom. Have to admit I was falling way behind last month...I try to post it and the rest of the bonuses I promised soon. ^_^

  12. Ok guys really going to go in blind and tackle these odds on the first day.

    Bulma 1 to 1: With Naruto and Pokemon taking a break. A hot DBZ character stands a good chance to win. I think she is the one that pops into a lot of peoples heads when they think Girl Genius.

    Yuki Nagato 4 to 1: I'm hearing Haruhi mentioned a lot these days so I think it must be fairly popular. I think she definitely has a good shot.

    Sailor Mercury 6 to 1: Smart and really hot from a well known anime. Ami has a decent chance of doing well.

    Babs 7 to 1 Comic book characters seem to have notoriously struggled in these polls. Still she is sexy, hot and well known. Babs might take this one. :-D

    Susan Storm 8 to 1 Hot blond beauty with brains and super powers to match. Let's hot she's not invisible to voters in this one. :-D

    Miyuki 10 to 1 I think Lucky Stars is a fairly popular anime and Miyuki is really smart and a great character. She might go far in this.

    Velma 12 to 1 Ah Scooby Doo's crackpot sleuth. She might be pretty conventional to some but I know she has her fanbase. Many dig the shy dorky type and Velma is really intelligent. Should be interesting to see how she does. ^_^

    Shiba I 16 to 1- This is an interesting one. On the one hand she is a very rare character but she also is from a popular anime. She does have the villainess factor which adds to her hotness though it still might be quite a climb.

    Dr. Ariel Hanson 17 to 1 Game girl tend to struggle against anime girls though I'm told Starcraft is quite popular. She might be a rare character from the series though. Should be interesting to see how she does

    Shion 18 to 1 Another game girl who despite being released from Square Enix might be from a medium popularity game. She is hot and intelligent so I hope she surprises me. ^_^

  13. Other odds:
    Batgirl to rank Higher than Sue 3 to 1
    Shion to score higher than Dr. Hanson. 2 to 1 in favor of Dr. Hanson

    Bulma to landside this one 4 to 1

    Miyuki to get over 100 votes 1 in 4 chance.

  14. Nice set of odds KSC :D

    My turn.

    Bulma: 1-1 (She is one of, if not the iconic woman of DBZ.)

    Yuki Nagato: 1-1 (She's doing well so far and I'm pleased to say that her anime has been getting more popular these days.)

    Sailor Mercury: 3-1 (One of the more popular and well known characters of the Sailor Moon amine)

    Velma: 6-1 (She's one of the most well known Girl Genius's in animation history and her show hold's a lot of nostalgic value.)

    Barbara Gordon: 8-1 (Although she has struggled a bit in the past, Babs always manages to get a decent number of votes and this might and this might be the poll where she wins it all.)

    Miyuki: 9-1 (A popular character to a popular anime. Not to mention the quintessential "moe" ;))

    Susan Storm: 12-1 (A hot blonde from a classic comic book series, she has a chance to win will be a tough fight for her though)

    Shiba-I : 15-1 (Although Shiba-I is a hot and dominating/manipulative villainess, traits that foot fetishes enjoy, she still is a rare character and is usually overshadowed by the other woman in the series)

    Dr. Ariel Handson: 17-1 (Although she made her debut in one of the most popular and hyped games this year, she is a bit of a secondary character in the game.)

    Shion Uzuki: 19-1 (She has quite a fight on her hands. She is from a rather rare game. Still, she does look like Ryuubi so she might be able to pull this off :D)

    Special Odds:

    Shion not getting in last place: 10-1

    Bulma and Yuki being seperated by 25 votes or less: 22-1

    Shiba-I being in the top 5: 15-1

    Mercury to be in thrid: 17-1

  15. as much as i like Yuki...for me it was between Ami and Shion for who to vote for so for me it was Shion just because i really enjoyed the 1.5 games they put out

    I know we had 3 games but the second felt like a filler lol and the first part of 3 was...well i wouldn't call it bad but not good

  16. O_O Great set of odds BTW.

    O_O Awesome Jinto. Shion rocks!! Yeah... admitted there were a few flaws in Xenosaga's execution though I liked the game series as well. The characters in that one were great and overall it was fun to play through. ^_^ Anyway, Great choice!!

  17. I can't help but feel that the mass of votes for fairy girls has effectively diminished my manly pride.

    But hey, I voted for catgirls.

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  19. DBZ, Sailor Moon and Haruhi will be the top 3. The rest I care too little about to think up numbers for.

    I get that there's supposed to be a Marvel vs DC thing with Invisible Woman and Batgirl - the former will probably win - and the rest are mostly minor characters in minor shows who it seems unfair to pit against starring characters in bigger shows.

    By that I include Velma (her admirers are in a drastic minority who themselves are probably more liable to vote Mercury) and Miyuki (for being one of the main four in that show, she was less prominent than most sub-characters).

    Finally, I wonder if last place will actually go to Ariel. It seems even the Starcraft fans don't much like her.

  20. Ok,It was a tough call,but Sailor Mercury,got my vote.

    Most ladies on that list were great,but Amy Mizuno won my heart.

  21. Well take your time KSC. We're all busy these days :)

  22. mmm geek feet. I would love to see some images a Velma

  23. Here's a pic from DC's new Weird Worlds series, the stories so far is about Lobo, the new monster hero Garbage Man, but the feature everyone should pay attention is the new cosmic heroine, Tanga.

    As you can see judge from the pic, it seems our new heroine from DC is going to be a purpleish skin babe that is barefoot.

    The creator of this beauty describe her as having the power of the Silver Surfer, but with the personility of Sarah Silverman.

  24. Velma's surprising me a little, but Ariel being a distant last isn't at all. Her game doesn't have that many girls but she's possibly the least popular of them.

  25. Long week and a lot of catching up to do. :-)

    Catgirls are definitely really hot Capt. Wolf.

    It looks like I underestimated Sue a little Veroom ^_^; ...though I like her a lot so its nice to see others like her too. Velma I know has a fanbase while Ariel is a completely new character to me so I don't know how she'll do. Judging from early results it does seem that she's rather rare. ^_^

    Amy is definitely a great character Stefan. ^_^

    Thanks Digiharrisom...we'll try to post them soon :-)

    Yeah Velma would be fun one to post Match. There are some good scenes for her and Daphne. Sadly I lost one of the nice ones Martin sent me involving the geeky detective's feet being tickled in a magic act. *Glares at the people flagging videos on youtube* I'm trying to track it down again.

    O_O Hot Alien character P. Here's hoping for some awesome scenes involving her character in the future. Great find...Thank you for here. :-D

  26. And normally being a new character is an advantage. That says it all, really.

  27. I have a new suggestion, try starfire from teen titans in episodes "every dog has his day" and "date with destiny" and raven in "wavelegth", although it's not a good picture

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  29. hey KSC - think you do me a favor and save my pics I uploaded on2 DA (if you have'nt already done so) - you see there's been some real nasty jerks who just clearly don't understand people with a foot fetish - they've been giving me and my friends on DA a really hard time about uploading screen/cap shots as its not really our art work - fair enough, but I've given credit 2 the film and company who designed the shots. Honestly - these guys treat us like we are worse than gay people! oh well - any way I was hoping if you could dedicate a page 2 my DA page/work (whenever you have the time of course) then if my stuff was 2 be taken off DA - people would look 2 you. Sorry 2 hear you lost that footage of velma, I believe I downloaded it so if I manage 2 get screenshots of her done - I'LL be sure 2 let you know - things are all up in the air 4 me at the moment as well, doing media at college, stories and pics 2 do 4 DA - all a bit hecktic - I appreciate where you are coming from in times of gr8 struggles

  30. She does appear to be pretty rare Veroom. ^_^

    O_O Definitely have to try to track those episodes down Black Viper. The Teen Titan girls are two of my favorites. Thanks so much for the tip.

    Sure...just finished saving your pictures Martin. I'm very sorry to hear that people on DA are giving you a hard time. :-( O_O Ok...I'll set up a entry/spotlight for you. ^_^

    O_O I'm so glad you were able to download the Velma scene. I really would love to see your caps of it. Wow...It sounds like a really busy time for you. Best of luck with everything.