Saturday, November 20, 2010

May Megapost Finale took almost 2 months to post (and over a year to organize) but here is the final May set containing all her barefoot scenes in the anime. Enjoy guys!!

That Manaphy gets increasingly lucky throughout the movie getting hugged and nuzzled repeatedly by May.

as promised here is more of may in her special coordinator costume...
Arabian Princess/Coordinator Costume May

as well as more....
Ninja May

and last but not least more...
Swimsuit May

Note: Yes I capped Sharpedo Attacks in the past but wasn't happy about the quality of some of my caps. Here a little more from the episode.

(These are from Various episodes of the Pokemon Anime and movies. I had a lot of help in this one. Massive thank yous to BlackViper1201, DX_Forever, Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and Master Webfinder Mr. E for finding and providing some caps for her. I also have to give a tremendous thank you to the Pokemon Master fan Juancho who really went all out to make sure that May had a great bonus capping and searching for scenes and pictures of her. A huge thanks to the Otakupherenia and the Bare Necessities blog as well for making some swimsuit Material easy to find.)

Completing the is a compilation of all the May material I posted including the two recent ones and two sets from awhile back.

After 5 bonuses involving May, I think I'm running out of things to say about her. May remains my favorite of Ash's female companions. I think she's really friendly and nice. I miss her in the anime quite a bit. ^_^

Ok much to catch up on. I still need to post a GTS tribute. I'll also try to catch up on other posts as well over the Thanksgiving break. ^_^ Depending on when I make my next entry I may not get the chance to say this before Turkey day so let me just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Watch out for flying yams!! ;-)


  1. still wish Misty had given off nearly as much

  2. Yeah more barefoot scenes involving Misty would have been awesome. They should invite all the girls back for a beach arc. The three of them as well as Iris posing would not only knock us into barefoot shock. It would have Sent Pokemon's ratings through the roof.

  3. I never did care for what ever it was that Dawn May so far is the Top character

    But how does ash travel with all these woman and not have feeling for any of them....but im sure im not along in that thought

  4. he had feelings for Misty, he was just too dense to realize it. see here

  5. That's my girl!! If you don't want her, Ash, give me her ;)

  6. Oh and kudos for recapping Sharpedo Attacks, KSC!

  7. Hehe, great post Triton, it's easy to see why May's so popular :D

  8. Yo KSC, when I was seeing the pokemon ranger movie, I was glad to see May barefoot in her main outfit. Oh by the way, pokemon best wishes chacacter Iris doesn't wear socks like misty, so maybe we could see barefeet the future. Great post KSC.

  9. Not that I'm uninterested in the May posts (though I will be in the DBZ posts...), but I remember the end of the last poll saying that the unexpected good performance for the 3rd place girl wouldn't be forgotten. Are there still plans for that?

  10. May is my favorite as well Jinto. ^_^

    Hopefully Misty will make an appearance in the Pokemon series again Match. ^_^

    Thanks again Juancho...May totally rocks. :-D

    Thanks Breakthewalls. :-)

    Thanks Richfeet. O_O Definitely keeping my fingers crossed for good Iris scenes in the anime. ^_^

    Thanks Solekeeper. ^_^

    Card Captor Sakura...I still need to catch up on that anime but it's on my watch list. Maybe in the future Veroom.

  11. Love these pictures of May

    especually in her Arabian outfit, I think she looks really Cute in that

  12. Thanks Calvin...yeah the Arabian Costume is hot!! :-D

  13. What's up KSC? I found an awesome flash game where you can have sex with a smokin' hot cat-girl but best of all you can SUCK HER TOES!!! Here's the link:

  14. Wow I've been away longer than I thought! I can't believe I missed this! Great work dude! I love the ones where she is in a swimsuit!

  15. Indeed a mega post.This particular post looks like it took alot of time, dedication and sure as hell alot of effort so great job on this one man.

  16. Wow that game is massively hot Stephan. I love how they devote an entire section of the game to virtual foot worship. Thanks so much for it.

    Thanks Digiharrisom. Been pretty busy lately as well. Have a lot of awesome stuff to catch up on myself. :-)

    Thanks very much Theta Corrupt. Yeah this one took a lot of work to post. I'm really glad that you liked it. ^_^

  17. You know, despite the fact that May is around 11 or 12, she looks very cute and sexy in those bikinis. Also, she has a beautiful little belly button that is drawn on her which I would love to tickle.

  18. Yeah she does seem like a fun character to tickle. ^_^ Thanks for the comment Nick. :-)

    1. Also, I can't decide if May looks great wearing either the yellow bikini or the red one. Both look really cute on her. I'm glad you agree with me, Kingssidecastle. Listening to May giggle and squeal as she's getting her belly button tickled would definitely be music to my ears.