Friday, October 15, 2010

May Artwork (Bonus) w/ 10th Anniversary Writing.Com Spotlights

Ok guys here is part two of the May series. This segment focuses on official artwork and fanart. There really is a wide variety of artwork involving her. Check out the many sides to her character artists explore...

Every time I see this pictures I can't help thinking how cute it is. Manaphy is really lucky getting treated like a teddybear by May.

Spin Spin Spin...this ride looks like fun. ^_^

A popular theme among Pokemon May fanart seems to be hooking her up with some of the popular characters. Here we have...

Ash X May (AdvanceShipping)


Drew X May (ContestShipping)

one of the rarer ones...

Brock X May (ShoppingShipping) ^_^

You can find other information on potential relationships here:

Another popular theme among fanart tends to be cosplay images involving familiar characters dressing differently than their usual attire and taking on an unexpected role. This type of artwork is a lot of fun and had me doing quite a few double takes. :-D

Cosplay (or is it CosMay) Pictures

It seems the pokegirls swapping clothes is a popular theme.

Seeing the girls in villainess costumes just seems really hot. :-D

I would love to be arrested and punished by that pair. :-D

I guess Jenny and Joy feel like Turnabout is fair play ;-)

I guess we can can this one a mermayd ;-)

As an Aladdin fan I really like this image. I was talking with Juancho wondering if this was inspired by May's contest outfit which you'll see a couple of images later

Another Fairy Tale...of course for foot fetishists with Cinderella cosplay...there's one scene in particular that we'd love to see depicted. :-D

Another Shot of Angel May Hot Off the Press!! :-D

Another fun one.

I'm guessing this one was created around the Athens olympics. Seeing May in this costume sort of gives me a Sophitia vibe.

I'm surprised this type of crossover isn't more prevalent. :-D

Pokemon Ranger May.

Cheerleader costume + May = Maximum Hotness Factor!!!

Seeing Sapphire's jungle outfit...this isn't a huge stretch to see her wearing this but it doesn't make it any less hot. :-D

In addition to cosplay, there are fanart images depicting outfits that May has actually worn in the anime such as...

Arabian Princess May (one of her popular contest outfits)

(you'll see more of her in the next bonus)


Ninja May

More on her in the next bonus as well :-D

Another prominent type of fanart involving May is depicting her tied up and helpless. One of the great things about this type of artwork is that victim tends to be barefoot and when the victim is as hot as May...that tends to be really sweet. ^_^

Bondage May

May's manga and videogame counterpart seems so popular that they have a lot of really cool fanart dedicated to them as well :-D ... Which brings us too...

Sapphire/Game May Artwork

I guess to show how fierce and wild she is...Sapphire wilds up depicted with fangs really often. :-)

The Sapphire Ruby relationship is called Frantic Shipping. This coupling is actually my personal favorite involving May.

This last image is a perfect segway into the next and last set of shots for tonight which is...

Swimsuit Shots!!!

More of swimsuit May in the next bonus as well. :-D

(There are a couple of official game pictures in this one but most of them are fanart from this thread here. I really have to give a tremendous thank you to the Ultimate Pokemon fan Juancho for finding and sharing the images in this set he really worked hard on this bonus going through over 1000 pages of images and selecting the best ones.) you guys already know its been a long month for me. However my midterms are out of the way so let's see if I can knock off a little bit of the backlogged items. To start things is the long overdue WDC 10th Spotlights segment!!!

Writing.Com 10th Aniversary Spotlights

For those who don't was reading the stories on Writing.Com that inspired me to actively begin participating online and even creating this site. I must have been reading stories on that site for over 5 years and I have watched this community really grow and develop in that time span. Classic authors have inspired, new authors have created and contributed and a lot have great stories have been created.

As part of Writing.Com's 10th annivesary, I reviewed over 100 stories reconnecting with some of my favorite authors on Writing.Com and meeting some of the newer/promising talent. The following spotlights are a handful of some of the best stories that WDC has to offer, my personal faves, new and developing stories to check out as well as some real classical stories on the site. Enjoy guys!!

Ok...kicking things off let me first spotlight the chapters at my own story...

Comic Book Women's Feet
I really lucked out over the past couple months and a lot of really talented authors have added some awesome additions. Included among my favorite chapters were an awesome prisoner chapter involving worshiping Terra's feet by Windleaf (Orcha), Having fun with Kitty and Rogue feet before getting captured by hot X-men Villainess, ;-D being forced to suck Harley Quinn's toes before getting a little revenge on your ticklish captor (All of these were written by the author Money $ign O_O). There's also a great introduction chapter involving being dominated by Catwoman's feet written by Posiden as well as some hot additions involving taking care of Supergirl's feet and getting punished by her, tickling Kitty Pryde and Lois Lane, and giving Batgirl's feet some more personal attention by authors Syd, dde2, Jedi Master Poda and DrJones62. I even joined in on the action and wrote some chapters involving Mary Jane's feet and getting dominated by the Justice League superheroines as well. :-D Over 20 chapters to check out since the last time I spotlighted this one. :-D

Ok continuing...over the years a lot of classic authors and stories have made their mark on WDC and continue to leave a legacy of really incredible writing. :-)

Recently one of my favorite stories the Naruto Feet Stories interactive by Melroser76 reached over 400 chapters (up to 406 chapters at the time I posted this entry)
This interactive has managed to really fulfill a lot of dreams for me involving the Naruto girls feet. Of the most recent additions, I really liked a recent chapter by Narutowriter continuing a storyline where Naruto becomes a foot pet to Sakura and Ino.

Anime - Videogame Shrinking/GTS Stories by Fighter07
This was probably one of the first stories I read on WDC. It now totals 1535 chapters and is still growing. In the past I spotlighted the Bleach chapters, the Naruto Chapters, and the One Piece chapters all of which are really hot. Recently story arcs to keep your eyes on include a thread involving the Tekken girls as well as a storyline involving C. Viper's (of Street Fighter's) feet. Hot!!! A lot of really great authors have added to this story including Dylan M, Melroser76, Cryptosporidium137, Lawliet, Demifiend and Mr. E.

Speaking of Mr E, After breaking for the summer... this classic author has resurfaced just in time to celebrate WDC's 10th anniversary and with his return comes a massive amount of updates to all his interactives. (Gts lover overload :-D)
Shrunk with Friends Family and More
Shrinking Doctor
Death Note Shrink/GTS
Code Geass R1/R2 Shrinking and Giantess
Shrinking with Friends Family and more
I don't know if I got the chance to introduce this last one in the past. It basically a sister interactive to Mr. E's original Shrunk with Friends Family and More story with some cool new concepts such as the ability for the main character to revive himself from death and clone himself. A lot of really cool situations and characters to explore in this one including hot neighbors, cute girlfriends and friends, an evil ex and some hot family members. O_O

Speaking of returns, recently the author Retrogamer revealed himself to be one of my longtime writing partners. You guys probably know which one. ;-) Yup StreetFighterDash aka SFD aka Stefan. After laying low Stefan has returned to Writing.Com with a vengeance and is looking to expand his interactives:
Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy
Cartoon Women's Feet
and the newly created
The Legendary Don Turtelli
The latter story involves the Legendary Ninja Turtle's villain and tickling fetishist returning to tickle various anime, cartoon and videogame characters.

As continues to grow. There are also a lot of great new and rising stories to watch for. :-) Some really entertaining ones include...

Foot Fetish High School! by theFetishDefender
This story explores the premise of a foot fetish related highschool. A lot of really cool scenarios and perspectives to explore in this one. Right now there are three really cool ongoing storylines. A female character helping a girlfriend punish her ex with her feet, a male character learning how to properly explore his foot fetish, and a female student forced to become a submissive foot girl by her female gym teacher as punishment.

A Gladiator's Foot Fetish by Jeff.
There were a lot intense stories that I had the privilege to read through but this rising story is definitely one of the most exciting. I spotlighted this story involving a slave (Charles) who is forced by a hot Princess to compete for the privilege of serving her in a Gladiator arena a little while back but the author has recently updated his story with some great new chapters. Where this story really shines is the exciting battles Jeff finds himself competing in. Depending on the choices the reader makes Charles might find himself in a dangerous situation or overcoming the obstacles he is up against as the case may be. The latest story arc has Charles facing off against a beautiful female gladiator. hot!!!

I Dream of Genie's Feet by Veroom
Another rising interactive that I'm really enjoying with some great new recent additions. :-D I really like the different ways the genie is interacting with the lead. Depending on the chapters she could be dominating, friendly, curious about your fetish, or playful. Recent chapters to this story involve mentally sparring against the genie, playing with her and ordering her around, as well as getting dominated, teased and tempted by her. O_O

Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish 2 by Howdyboy
This story is constantly growing with more and more additions but the recent ones to grab my attention involve continuing storylines involving Penelo, Rikku, and Toph's feet by the authors Howdyboy, Dragonfly and Breakthewalls respectively.

Speaking of the latter, Breakthewalls' own interactive Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion continues to be updated on a regular basis.
There are a lot awesome storylines in this one to follow...Nami, Ino and Sakura, Ryomou, Pan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Jaina Proudmoore, Team Rocket's Jessie and the WWE Divas to name a few. Recent storylines in this one to grab my attention include plots and new chapters for Bra Tyrande Whisperwind, and Pokemon's Sabrina by WorgenFreeman, Mr. E and Jessty respectively.

Anime Shrink Interactive by Lelouch
This one's a really fun read involving a variety of hot anime girls. The recent chapters to catch my attention involve Naruto becoming a pet to the crimson haired hottie Karin written Dylan M.

Bleach Girls Feet Battle! by Torborg
I was talking with Torborg recently about my favorite storylines in this interactive. I couldn't narrow down to a single storyline because so many of them are really good. Among my favorites are storylines involving Rukia dominating Orihime, Orihime turning the tables on Rukia, Yoruichi dominating Ichigo with her feet, and Tatsuki dominating an original male character. Recently added to this interactive was a hot chapters involving Orihime dominating a new female slave by author Benten and a storyline involving the reader becoming a footslave to Yoruichi by author Posiden. Wow!!

Alright finally our last spotlight of the night goes to Mr. Cool's Anime/Video Game Girls Feet Torture Interactive
I really love the premise of this interactive involving Anime/Videogame girls torturing the reader with their feet and one of my favorite storylines of all time involves an involving being at the feet of Nintendo girls Samus, Zelda, Peach and Daisy by author Capt. Wolf. This storyline has been recently updated with some chapters involving worshipping the feet of Princess Zelda. Needless to's cold shower material. :-D

Ok...Please keep in mind these are not the only stories that I enjoy reading on and there are a lot of awesome stories which I didn't get the chance to cover or I covered in the past. I really hope to continuing spotlighting more great stories and story arcs in the future. Awesome writing everyone!!!

Alright guys...happy reading. I'll be back to post final tribute to May soon. ^_^


  1. Wow, thanks for another spotlight. There can't have been more than 3 or so chapters added since the last one though >.<

    Interesting to see some of the pictures you've gone with here - the two that immediately catch my attention are the one immediately after the sprites (because that is from a rough website!) and the first bondage pic (because it's an old Megabondagemon classic edited to be barefoot - Match25, was this you? XD )

    Still doesn't surprise me that there's that much artwork though. And that amount should more than explain the overwhelming majority she got in the vote.

    Back to the current vote, Giantesses have restored their lead and built on it as I expected all along. What's a nice surprise is that the fembots are still giving Succubi a run for their money!

    Who else can I show to help the robo-girls' cause...

    Yuki Nagato?

    A few girls from Figu@Mate? ( )

    There's gotta be more.

  2. Oh! Thinking about it, the latter is a very good example. It's one of those foreign sex-scene games, and a couple of which would be of particular interest to readers of this blog...

  3. Great post my friend :D

    Glad to see that you have finally finished with the Spotlights :)

  4. Thanks....Though I feel very overshadowed by those new writers you featured. I'm way better then they are.

    Anyway,Awesome May post.

  5. Wasn't expecting this when I came to check on the site. Well done. You have successfully destroyed my expectations, laid a new foundation upon it and built a skyscraper where the ruins stood.

    It must have taken you quite a while to amount such a large posting. :D

  6. Thanks Veroom. No problem...Genies stories are really fun. ^_^

    O_O The first bondage shot stood out to me as well. I really like that one. ^_^

    Yeah it looks like GTS have managed to lock in their lead over the past week. I wonder if it will hold out till the end.

    Wow...currently the androids and succubii have the exact same number of votes. It should be really interesting to see how this one plays out.

    O_O Yuki Nagato is a good one. She's cute.

    Wow that clip is really hot. :-) O_O That type of game does sound really interesting. :-D

  7. Thanks very much Breakthewalls. I probably still would been working on this without your encouragement on monday. ^_^

    No problem SFD. Yeah this one really had a lot of spotlights in it. I think that the all of the author and stories featured in this one are really good. :-D

    Thanks so much Orcha. Between May and the Spotlights this one took a lot of energy so I'm really glad that you enjoyed this. ^_^

    Oh yeah...I like the Ash and Misty relationship too Match. For May my favorite pairing with her is with her Ruby/Sapphire game counterpart. :-)

  8. Right. But I'm still way better then them. Plus,Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy is inovative and cleveryly done.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. BTW,I'm talking about the Newbies,not the WDC vets...who I'm the equal of.

    Oh and Match,I too avocate AAML :)

  11. Haha, what makes a vet?

    That game I mentioned earlier... was pretty big, which also means it's unlikely to ever get translated.

    After drawing level, Androids and Succubi held a deadlock until today where the latter mysteriously got a bunch of votes...

    The Ruby counterpart? That he's barely shown in all the art tells us how much of the fans come from the cartoon instead of the games.

  12. Androids vs Succubi...

    I'm going with Androids

  13. Here's the Wiki link for the Ash Misty relationship. I'll try to cover it the next time I post the Tomboyish Mermaid too.

    Yeah I think the Pokemon Anime seems to be the most popular. I like May's portrayal in all three of those mediums though. She's a great character. :-) The game doesn't have the two players characters meet nearly enough but Sapphire's manga romance with Ruby was really sweet.

    Wow Androids and Succubi remain neck to neck only separated by one vote. It really could go either way. Maybe even end in a draw.

  14. For the Pokemon 2000 picture, it looks like someone confused May with Melody. Still a great pic for the rare shot of Misty's foot.

  15. Yeah...My fault. ^_^; I'll transfer that as well as another non-may picture Juancho informed me about into another set later on. Thanks Anonymous.

  16. Hey - nice work with May KSC. I must admit I'm quite surprised at how well she's turned out when compared 2 the likes of Misty or Dawn, i.m.o.
    I'm so glad 2 see that the Giantesses are favs 4 a lot of us. I've uploaded my 1st story 2 my DA page - which happens 2 be about Misty and the pokemon Mew, here's a link 4 anybody who wants 2 see:-

  17. O_O Great Story Martin...I enjoyed it a lot. ^_^ Misty and Mew are a really interesting pairing. ^_^ The descriptions in the story were great. ^_^ Really fun read. :-) I'll definitely keep checking your page for more stories in the future. :-)

  18. Nice post KSC! I made a gif of the footjob scene from Chaos Head Ep.4 hope you guys like it!

  19. O_O Really awesome gif Stephan. I love watching Aoi Pov step over and over again. Great scene!! :-D

  20. $$ What a great one this was KSC. May is generally a great character all around and to show my appreciation on putting my story on the spotlight [and just for the love of anime feet in general], a May story is coming up that will sure break banks! Keep it up KSC! $$

  21. Thanks very much Money $ign. O_O Looking forward to reading your May story. ^_^

  22. Great pictures of May and all of the other Pokegirls-keep up the great work.