Friday, February 11, 2011

Sym-Bionic Titan: Kimmy

Hi guys...hope that you enjoyed Match's debut. ^_^ Don't worry he (as well as some other special bloggers) will definitely be back in the future. Speaking of the Master of Sole Shots, he also recommended an episode of Sym-bionic Titan involving the hot cheerleader Kimmy getting a GTS moment. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from Sym-Bionic Titan Episode: Ballad of the Scary Mary. Massive thank you to Match for this.)

I should probably note that technically this is an alien assassin impersonating her but its still really cool to watch her giant feet wreak havoc. :-) Interestingly enough her feet seem to get more and more detailed as the episode progresses. Probably the animators began having more and more fun drawing them. :-D I really love the closeups!! Cheerleader feet totally rule. ^_^

Ok...originally the GTS bonus was intended to start and end with Veronica however as we thought of more giantesses to post with this set, it grew in size. ^_^ Since there are still a couple of other great GTS scenes that come to mind...we might as well ride it out. Get to a safe location guys because this series is going into overtime.

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  1. mmm must admit an assassin who uses her feet like that is the way i want to go

  2. Definitely the death of choice if one had to go out. ^_^

  3. Hot! I don't know this character well, but I love her wearing such heels to fight.

  4. Thanks Johans. Yeah heels are great. ^_^

  5. I gotta say, I like her choice in foot wear ;)

  6. Thanks BTW. Yeah it's definitely nice to see footwear that shows off her toes. ^_^

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  8. Surprisingly detailed considering I didn't have a good impression of Rudish and Tartakovsky's sense of anatomy in the Dexter's Lab days...then again that was technically a different style and about 15 years ago.

  9. That's great toe detail. Would have been amazing if they gave her some color but that's my personal preference

  10. Would be fun to see her in toenail polish. ^_^

  11. Anyone heard of Phineas and Ferb?

    There's an episode of Candace meeting her double princess, if anyone scroll up to 7:45, Candace takes off her shoes and says one of the best speeches anyone goes barefoot.

  12. Wow I wish more women would exhibit that type of Genius. :-D Thanks very much for the scene P. ^_^