Saturday, February 5, 2011

Match25 Presents: the Kiramiki Project

Its time for celebration. As this is not KSC, but this is Match25. And what better way to celebrate than to post, and again living up to my title of the Master of Sole Shots as I even got documentations so I could travel to this small, but technologically advanced Island in the Mediterranean Sea to a country called the Genes Kingdom just for these images.

So who better to start off this bonus then with the acting leader of this country, the beloved ruler, Krone.

The oldest of the Royal Sisters, while their parents are away she maintains the strong rule over this small kingdom, and deeply cares for every one of her citizens, and especially for her younger sisters. Though against any attacking force, she has an unbreakable will to protect everyone she rules over. Made me want to move over there and become her masseuse.

Now for the genius of the family, the youngest of the three sisters, the very cute Robot Otaku, Kana.

Though one always sees this princess with her nose in a book, just as deeply her sister Krone cares about her country does Kana care about all the robots she creates, seeing them as family. Just like the fact she built a giant fighting robot, was terrified having her actually fight in combat because of the thought of getting damaged.

And last of this short bonus, but one that would make a big impact, the lovely giant robot Junerin.

It was simply breathtaking when I took these caps, as I never expected for this doll-like robot to show off her cute feet. Mmm how soft they look, Kana did excellent work in her creation. I must say this is the first time I have ever seen a giant robot girl to go barefoot and so worth the really expensive trip just to cap these images.

Also don't let this cute A.I. doll fool you, she is equipped to take on even the most powerful giant robot with relative ease, and as you can see in these images she is made for underwater exploration.

I know these images are short, but this anime was only 4 episodes long. It was a good series and was kind of depressing that it was so short.

So keep watching the site, the Master of Sole Shots will be going far and wide to cap any girl who shows off her cute feet.


  1. Now thats a mech I want to pilot!

    Imagine all the barefoot falcon

    kicks I'd lay to all my foes.

    Props to the engineer of this robot!!

    Good post KSC!

  2. Thanks Richfeet. :-D With a hot robot like that. I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of those type of attacks. ^_^

    Great Debut post Match. ^_^ I loved the images for this one. It would be awesome to be a foot massager for the women of this island. ^_^ Looking forward to more of your adventures. :-)

  3. Whoa!! All of these ladies are awesome!! I would LOVE to be at any or ideally, all of their feet!! Great work, man! XD X3

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  5. richfeet, Junerin is an A.I. giant fighting robot, so there is no pilot. Kana actually uses her cell phone to talk to her.

    also i believe all you GTS foot loving fans will love this

  6. Awesome! Another hot robot babe with beautiful feet... kinda like Alisa B., only giant-size! Great stuff, Match25! ^__^

  7. Hey there. On what episode can i find the scene of krone's feet just like the above picture? Can anyone tell me? Thanks.....