Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Poll

Since I'm still playing catchup, just a fun poll for this month. ^_^

Assume you have an attractive hottie sitting next to you barefoot. What type of feet would you want her to have?

Basically your choices for this one are...

Overworked Feet (She just got back from the gym or work)

Pedicured Feet (She just spent a relaxing day at the spa)

Dirty Feet (She's been walking around barefoot ^_^;)

Clean Feet (Fresh out of the shower :-D)

Soft Feet (Perfect for snuggling up against. ^_^)

Violent Feet (One of those martial artist types who is likely to use your face as a kickbag or trample you beneath them)

Ticklish Feet (Her feet are sensitive to the touch)

Huge feet (Could just be big in general (ala Uma Thurman's) or belonging to a pick!!)

Dominant Feet (Belonging to the type of girl who would use your face as a footstool or force you to worship them. ^_^;)

Playful Feet (Belonging to the type of girl that enjoys using her feet to tease and play with you).

Have fun everyone!!


  1. Huge feet here. ^_^

    Though I'd take a combination of soft and pedicured as well just for the hell of it.

  2. Damn It!! No Multiple Choice! Please redo this poll,Triton.

  3. How about perfectly-shaped feet? I'm very particular about the shape.

  4. Most of the options are tempting, but ticklishness just brings feet to a whole new level for me.

    Good poll, KSC!

  5. so many choices its hard to decide

  6. It would have to be a combo of pedicured, clean, ticklish, soft, violent, playful, and dominant feet. You had so many good categories that I didn't know what to stick with.

    P.S. I have my own blog similar to yours. Is there any way I can affiliate or support your blog? I would love to share some of the posts I've put up with you.

  7. Indeed. Choosing is so hard. I picked soft feet after staring at the choices for a couple minutes. Ticklish is a close second.

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  9. Oh, man, I cannot make up my mind to choose! Most of them are my favorites.

  10. Wow...really a wide range of preferences. Looks like everyone has their own tastes when it comes to feet. :-D Thanks for sharing your opinions guys.

    Heh heh...a lot of qualities in feet that I enjoy as well. I was definitely tempted to post a multiple choice option but wanted to make it a little bit challenging. :-D

    You have a really nice blog. Heretichero666. Sure I'd be happy to affiliate with you. I'm going to link your site in my faves list. ^_^

  11. Ooh, nice poll! I actually had to change my vote a bit- I first went with clean then soft feet, but in the end I think playful, teasing feet are the most enjoyable (and I think they can be clean and soft as well anyways). ^_^

    Oh, and I just saw Tangled, and MAN what an adorable movie. How would you categorize Rapunzel's beautiful, athletic, ever-clean and soft-looking feet? I'd say, Perfect Feet. ^__^

  12. there's an anime called the world only god knows. the ending theme has a wonder feet extravaganza.

  13. So many choices, but I'd go with Soft Feet since they would be snuggable
    with Soft Feet they would feel nice when massaging, and they would be great for kissing too

  14. also what do you mean by narrowly escaping GTS feet, if anything we would flock towards them

    Also Calvin, Playful feet can be just as soft

  15. Thanks Solekeeper. Man...I keep meaning to check out Tangled for awhile. Looks and sounds like such a great films.

    O_O I'll try to find that anime Asian. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Soft feet are definitely really great Calvin. ^_^

    It's true Match when it comes to giant female feet we'd towards them like a moth to the flame. ^_^;

  16. OOOOHHH!!!! Decisions, decisions
    So very difficult
    Am afraid I shall have to pass on this poll KSC ~ You've made so many good options that I don't know what to choose ~ I shall leve it up to every1 else to decide which is best.Gr8 work with Veronica btw ~ You've done me proud keep it up ;)