Sunday, May 1, 2011

New May Poll: Clash of the Titans

Ok, I'm still sorting a couple of things out but I am getting ready to start posting again. (Though, Match has been doing an awesome job posting in the meantime ^_^) The thing about being away for awhile is that when you get back...there is a lot to do. As you can imagine the backlog here is really through the roof. In fact...there's so much accumulated material that I'm having trouble deciding which sets to focus on first. This is where you guys come in...Not counting tributes to Bulma and Mizore which will be posted this month, what other bonuses do you want to see?

To help answer that question...I added a brand new poll featuring some of this site's most popular sets of girls. Imagine one of these group of ladies surrounding you and forcing you to pay tribute to their feet. :-D

The nice thing about these sets are all of these are bonuses that I have been gathering material for and I will post them all eventually. It will just help out a lot knowing which sets to focus my efforts on first. ^_^ As always voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote. I really love to see what your opinions are. ^_^

Anyway, have fun everyone!!


  1. Ha interesting set of choices! Many of which I believe we've already seen tributes to, though perhaps never as a group.

  2. Thanks Cyberchao. ^_^ Yeah...the choices in this poll were all based on popular bonuses that I have been collecting follow up material for. It should to see how this one plays out. ^_^

  3. I have suggestion for you, incase pokemon girls win, there is are plenty of scenes in movie 2000 of a girl called Melodi of her feet (all done in thick russian accent) ((I am epic win))

  4. O_O I'll try to look her up. Thanks very much for the tip Black Viper. ^_^