Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poll 34: Results

Well the 34th Poll of the month has come to an end. After a whopping 1666 are the results.

LOL...In hindsight I probably should have realized that with Black and White being just released that the Pokemon women were going to be untouchable. ^_^; They pretty much captured the majority of fans hearts from beginning to end. I think that if it had been any other time...the Naruto girls could have taken them. As it was they finished second. In third place were videogames girls. (I really need to make a note of that one too). I think that the rest of the girls had a pretty decent showing. Even the lowest voted Spies and Sci-Fi girls proved to have a couple of fans. ^_^

Anyway, thanks very much to everyone for voting. :-) As always...I'll try to keep your opinions in mind in the future. ;-)

Hmm...Bulma, Mizore, Sandals and now the Pokemon Women. A lot of tributes to catch up on...let's start posting. :-D


  1. My personal favorite? That would have to be the Naruto girls. :-D There are a lot of awesome scenes I'm looking forward to posting for them. Anyway Great voting everyone.

  2. The Next poll better exclude Naruto. You have more than enough Tributes and bonuses to that Anime.

    More Sailor Moon!

  3. I do owe Serena and the other senshi a tribute as well.

  4. More VG girls :D

    Yea next poll exclude Naruto Pokemon and Bleach

  5. This was a tough one cause there are so many kinds of Feet I like in this
    Pokemon girls always have Cute Feet to me
    Videogame girls can apply to anyone
    CatGirls are Cute
    Disney Girls have nice ones
    and a lot of the Naruto girls have good Feet considering all wear toeless shoes
    (Anyways my main choice was Pokemon)

    Speaking of Disney girls, I hope someone uploads pictures of Rapunzel from Tangled cause there are plenty of good Foot caps

  6. I had trouble deciding on a favorite for the poll too Calvin. ^_^
    Yeah...Rapunzel is definitely hot. :-) Match is working on a tribute for her. She should be posted pretty soon.

  7. That's cool, can't wait to see it then

  8. New poll is interesting because a lot of the options will be open to interpretation.

    For me, I'll be odd and say the science clubbies or goths could come up with the most interesting pubnishments...

  9. :-D It is fun to imagine what creative punishment each set of girls could come up with. :-D