Sunday, April 24, 2011

DA BONUS: Lara Croft

I couldn't believe it myself, but I managed to get a hold of not one, not two, but three, again THREE different cosplayers all cosplaying the lovely Lara Croft. One can't resist this lovely tomb raider, and I do believe the game got even more popular when they added her swim suit scenes. Can just play the same level for hours as she runs around killing bad guys all while showing off her lovely bare feet.

Well enough of the daydreaming, it's time to enjoy these lovely images. The first being from the cosplayer Virtual Girl

I know it is short but what a view, both through her pose and the background setting this image. She really pulled off how Lara would act.

For the next lovely beauty, a cosplayer of all things Lara Croft, Miss Larisa Croft.

And these is barely scratching the surface of this cosplayer, she specializes in cosplaying as Lara Croft. So please check her gallery if you are a fan of this game girl.

And last, but certainly not least, the beautiful Lena Lara

This lovely cosplayer even wished for people to know of her cosplaying website as this kick butt tomb raider. So please enjoy more of her images at this link here (if clicking this does not work just copy and paste, I don't know why its not working)

So as not to get sued as I believe anymore would most likely cause all you foot fans to go into shock. Sadly there is only one more left to this cosplay bonus, but ooo what a sight to see. I am also working on a Megabonus I just can't wait to get up here, and I couldn't think of anyone better to start it off. Anyway until then, enjoy these beauties as they kick butt with their bare feet.


  1. Personally I have never been a fan of the game (prefer open world), but just to play those wetsuit levels would be enjoyable.

  2. Wow...awesome bonus Match...Lara totally rocks. Really hot set of Cosplayers. ^_^ Hee hee...I love the wetsuit levels too. :-)

  3. Excellent post Kingside. Remember the pictures i sent you by the way. Love your blog as always :).

  4. KSC didnt have anything to do with this post Spider, all me

  5. Great stuff, Match! Lovely cosplayers, indeed. The first one is my fave of this bunch- love the barefoot black dress Lara. ^_^

  6. Great post match the first set is the best :D but KSC needs to add something to the code of the blog that lists "Posted by" on the top or bottom of the posts so we dont have that mistake again

    and if it is already there its not visible to anyone :P

  7. No, no, I see it down there at the bottom, but it does sort of blend in with the background. Perhaps a better color is needed to make it stand out more.

    Nice pics, Match.

  8. Here's a video of link of Tinkerbell and her fairy friends playing volleybug, which one of them is barefoot. The one named Fawn (you will know her) normally seems to wear shoes, but in this she is the only one barefoot. Why, I don't know, maybe for season reason, but hey I don't care.

  9. I have sent him some pics about the Tink video, P.

  10. O_O Massively hot scene. Thanks very much for it P and thanks for capping it Samspider. Have to do a new wave of Disney bonuses. I'll try to post them as well as the other set you sent soon.

  11. It does not really have to do with the post but as a suggestion for future postings may I suggest looking into Denpa onna to seishun otoko for possible content? Only watched one episode but the very first episode has a lot of anime foot shots into it.

  12. O_O I'll try to check out the series...thanks for the tip Chaos1246