Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lilo and Stitch: Teen Lilo

Hey guys...I just want to apologize for not posting any new caps for a bit. I've just been really busy. Anyway let's continue where I left off in Hawaii. Here is a tribute to Lilo Pelakai.  Lilo has always been a cool and spunky character. One of the Lilo and Stitch episodes gave us an opportunity to tribute her teenage form. When Match (this trip's sponsor) told me about this episode, my initial reaction was that she probably would look exactly like Nani. He showed me the pictures after that and...well judge for yourself.
(These were capped from the Lilo and Stitch Episode Skip. Once again a massive thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for capping these.)

Like her sister, Lilo is a really sweet girl who really values her family. She can be headstrong but she always means well. She definitely has a wild side too. You have to wonder why when given the opportunity to pick a pet she would wind up picking the most insane looking one. ^_^; I really like the interaction she has with other characters. It just shows how spunky and innocent she can be. It's a strange mix but it works for her. :-D

An interesting sidenote is that Lilo is voiced by Daveigh Chase who also voiced Chihiro in the English version of Spirited Away.

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Ok so what's coming up this month. I know that my time will be limited pretty soon so I'm going to be rushing a bit to finish the Hawaii bonus set this week. As you guys probably already noticed, a new poll of the month is already up. This one deals with Warrior Women's feet. I have a domination scene that honors last month's favorite poll choice that I'll probably be posting after the Hawaii set.

Anyway stay tuned should be fun. ^_^


  1. I never saw this episode before. 8o It's kinda odd seeing her grown up. In some shots her face looks identical to her child face so it doesn't really fit an older body imho. But in some other shots she looks fine. @_@ I dunno, I'm just weird that way. XD

    1. I think it has to do with the animation style of the TV show. It's significantly different than the movie, like it doesn't flow or mesh as well. Still an awesome find, though.

    2. I imagine that there is always a sense of vertigo when you look at a character's future appearance from a ten year gap. As a sci-fi fan its fun for me to watch that type of future shock episode where familiar characters are slightly changed.

      In Lilo's case she already looks like a miniature version of Nani so I imagined that her aged appearance would look identical to her sister. It did wind up looking very close but her hairstyle and facial expression were a little different making it easier than I thought it would be to tell the two apart. It does mess with my head to see her grown up too though. Anyway thanks for the comments guys. ^_^

  2. Nice to see Lilo will grow up nicely.