Sunday, September 1, 2013

Poll 47 Results

Ok the 47th poll of the month has come to an end after 1063 are the results:
O_O It looks like most people's favorite reason female characters go barefoot is for foot domination. (Really hot guys!!). A close second was footwear stripping and being a Tomboy and Nature Lover was securely in third place. It looks like the other reasons had fans as well and even the more obscure following Asian customs received 31 votes. You guys can find all the reasons discussed in detail here btw.

As always I just want to give everyone a massive thank you for voting and sharing your opinions. I'll try to keep them in mind for future tributes.  :-D Going to hunt for some more domination scenes for you guys.

Ok that's basically it for always more to come soon!


  1. as usual now that the poll is over I'll reveal my personal favorite choice. I think a lot of you probably guessed this one but like most of was domination all the way. ^_^

    Anyway great voting everyone. ^_^

  2. While i voted for Tomboy i also like the Martial Arts option but im the end i really dont care why they get barefoot as long as it happens lol

    New poll made me happy to see Lightning on the top and voting for her with out looking at the others :) but i did see after i voted that BlackRose was on the list and that also makes me happy to see them both on here

    1. Tomboys and martial arts are definitely great reasons to see feet. It's true I definitely appreciate seeing a girl barefoot no mater what the reason for it too.

      :-D Both these girls are really hot. ^_^

  3. They were all good reasons. I voted stripping off footwear, but the close second was tired feet cuz that's usually opening for me to offer footrubs. :D

    1. :-D Stripping footwear is definitely really hot. ^_^ Yeah tired feet are really a great lead in to footrubs. Both great choices Actionpacked. ^_^