Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Piece Color Page, Girls Post

Alright some lovely ladies from One Piece, I was going through the One Piece wikia and noticed that the manga has been released in full color online they had the cover pages and color spreads so I thought I'd save the ones that had feet showing and post them here, I cropped a few to exclude male feet and a few are still wearing shoes but you can see their feet well, I also included a few pics from the 2012 Calendar. Unfortunately they had none of Boa Hancock my favorite One Piece girl but they had plenty of my second favorite Nami, and I'd have to say my favorite one of the pics of Nami is here in the jeans lifting her foot out of the water with Chopper looking in awe, does Chopper have a secret foot fetish? Hope you enjoy I believe this is my 3rd post here so hope I'm doing well so far


  1. Wow One Piece Hotness overload!!! Great set of pictures Destiny Dueler. Once again I find myself in need of a really cold shower after viewing this post. :-) I really the picture where Nami kicks the water too. Yeah I can't blame Chopper for staring at's a really sexy motion. ^_^

    1. =D thanks and haha yeah I l know what ya mean I couldn't wait to get these uploaded =), yeah it is a sexy motion =D