Friday, March 7, 2014

X-Men Anime: Emma Frost

Emma is a mutant with the power of telepathy and the ability to change her skin into invulnerable diamond. She was once a member of the X-Men's enemies but has renounced her old ways and joined the team to stop an evil organization from experimenting on and killing mutants.

I personally like this version of Emma a lot more than in past cartoons or the comics. She's not as conniving or sarcastic and is more caring towards others.


  1. Wow Absolutely Awesome post Atomic Chinchilla. As a comic book fan I really enjoyed this tremendously. Not only do I get to see the White Queen barefoot but the anime style of this series makes here look terrific. Really want to watch this series. :-)

    1. Thank ya, KSC! It's a good series! The animation is spectacular.