Monday, March 31, 2014

An Exciting New Direction

Well the 54th Poll of the Month has come to an end, however which of those maids cleaned house with the votes will have to remain a mystery for now. Instead I am pleased to announce the exciting new direction this blog was heading in. :-)

I felt that Anime Feet might have gotten a little dark dealing with Fetishism and Domination so I decided to try to change the site to make it lighter in tone and more family friendly. With that in mind this site is taking on a brand new educational role and title changing from Anime Feet to...


  1. I see and it may seem less dark, but for some reason the count looks like somebody who'd keep girls in the basement and count their toes till they die just me, and in the last poll I couldn't pick mainly cause I didn't know any of them and Virgo is well annoying haha

    1. :-) Heh heh that's definitly true. The Count can be be pretty Spooky. ^_^ You should see David Chapelle's bit on Sesame Street. That's definitely true

      Yeah admittedly the last poll had a lot of rare characters in it. I should have posted some pictures for them allowing people to judge by the maids by appearance. ^_^ A lot of them were new to me as well. I consulted an expert on Anime Maids who recommended these characters. While the scenario was wasn't really easy to think of characters for it.

  2. yip yip yip yip yip yip yip

    uh huh uh huh

  3. Well, I can say that this is a truly inspired move and will surely make a lasting impression for ages to come! :D Who needed all that other junk? All those beautiful animated women to admire, BAH. THIS is the true art right here!

  4. I got something to educate everyone. Check it out soon!