Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sesame Feet: Gabby

Ok our last Sesame Feet post for today is a tribute to Maria's daughter Gabriella...Like her mother she has a scene where she uses her feet to educate the people watching the show.

As an added is a clip of the above caps!!

(Special Thanks To Wikifeet and Dvorak20012000 for providing the content used in this bonus)

At the time I was watching this series Gabriella was just a child. She was played by Sonia Manzano's (Maria's actress) real life daughter also named Gabriella. Later on apparently the show switched the actress playing Gabriella to Desiree Casado who currently portrays Gabby. Desiree was the one who portrayed her in the above scene. I read that in recent seasons Gabby has taken on a more prominent role in Sesame Street as they try to give a little more screentime to the younger members of the cast. That's great because she is really cute. :-)

Ok guys that's all for now....

Sesame Feet was brought to you by the Letter K, the Letter S and the Letter C.

P.S. Yes this was an April Fool's Day Joke...Anime Feet  will be back tomorrow. ^_^


  1. lolz nice joke man. I like what you did here. It was cute. I wish i had posted a little later now.

    1. :-) Thanks Heretichero. April Fool's Day is fun.

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  3. This... is... awesome!!!!!
    (Need to get back to work on my pending mega bonuses... Someday)

    1. Thanks Juancho. :-)

      I'm definitely really looking forward to your future posts. ^_^

  4. I wish the video was posted somewhere. It's been on you tube twice that I know of but isn't there anymore. I wish someone would post it.