Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sesame Feet: Gina Bonus

Ok going into the exciting new direction of the blog. Here is a tribute to Sesame Street's Gina Jefferson.
(Special Thanks to Wikifeet for this Image)

If you watched Sesame Street as kid when Gina was on the show you probably had a crush on this hot blonde. Portrayed by Alison Bartlett O' Reilly,  Gina was a college student who worked in Mr. Hooper's Store. She would later go on to become a veterinarian. My memory is sort of vague now but I remember her as being both playful and sweet at the same time. It makes sense that Sesame Street would cast her because she is the type of person that would make a great teacher. Even at a young age, I can imagine that children would be pretty attentive to anything she had to say. I know I was. :-)

Supposedly, Gina has some moments on Sesame Street similar to another female character on the show, Maria (you'll see her in the next post) where she uses her feet as learning tool.  I can't remember seeing any of these scenes myself but if you were to type the words Gina Jefferson or Allison Bartlett into see the words feet and toes pop up after them as a recommended suggestion. If a foot scene with her exists, it's definitely really sought after. I'm just happy there's good image of her soles available.

A little bit of trivia, Gina's actress Allison had a brief part on the Sopranos. Though you can hear a little bit of a Brooklyn accent in her voice. It's still a radically different role for her. Kudos to her for being able portray such a wide range.

Ok more Sesame Feet still to come everyone!!

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