Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sesame Feet: Maria

Ok continuing with Sesame Feet's new goal of providing Family Friendly entertainment to Foot Fans. Here is a tribute to Sesame Street's Maria.
and for your viewing pleasure an educational clip of this scene as well...
(Special Thanks To Wikifeet and youtube user Sawing14s for the material for this tribute )

Just for those who haven't seen this series, Maria is one long running female characters on Sesame Street. She works in a Fix-it shop with her husband Luis. They have a daughter named Gabi. As her job would suggest, she is very good at fixing and also helps mediate disputes in the neighborhood. 

I think Maria was probably one of the earliest instances I can remember that I noticed myself thinking feet were attractive. I didn't know what the phrase "foot fetish" meant at the time but I remember seeing a scene similar to the one above and enjoying it. I definitely had a childhood crush on Maria and seeing the count play with her toes made me notice her feet. After that I couldn't help thinking about Maria's feet when she came on the screen and hoping that they would air that particular clip again. Sonia Manzano really did an excellent job of making her character charming and enjoyable to watch.

It's worth noting that in the Sesame Street series, the Count counts Maria's toes multiple times. I can confirm this was not a rumor because I actually remember seeing another version of the above song when I was a kid where Maria was in a different clothing outfit and in a better position for us to see her soles. However, only the version above seems to be available online. I hope the other scenes get posted one day. I've been trying to find them for a long time

Ok more Sesame Feet still to come. Until next post!!


  1. For your future post, can you do Eleanor, Greenly, and Hazel from Disney's Tarzan & Jane?